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Statement About Noah's ARC

Recently an Announcement was displayed here informing you of the cancellation of the 2020 Reunion, and a threat of removal of Noah's Arc funds. Following some intense exchanges between some of our 'Senior' members I am now of the opinion that the first statement can be replaced by this one. I thank everyone who posted replies and expressed their own view.
The end result is that we now know that Reunion 2020 will take place at The Imperial Hotel, Blackpool on 2-5th April.
We have also been made aware that room bookings are at a much lower level than they have been at this time of year in previous reunions. To such a degree that we 'may' incur monetary penalties and/or a reduction in the number of rooms available to us.
Every member of Noah's Arc who has not yet booked into the hotel are encouraged to do so as soon as possible. Remember, you only need book in, payment isn't taken until just prior to the event.
There are still missing account monies to be investigated and reported upon. Any news on this will be passed on to you.
Our Reunions are unique in size for a military reunion and a place for friends to get together, have enjoyment, and share each others company and memories. Let's make 2020 yet another "Best Ever" Reunion.
A reminder: Booking a room at The Imperial provides you with free entry to our functions. If you are attending without a room in this hotel a ticket for attendance must be purchased in advance.
Thank you,

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