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Noah's ARC Reunion 2018

Noah's ARC Reunion 19 - 21 April - 2018

The 22nd Annual Reunion of Noah's ARC took place on the weekend of 19th,20th, 21st April 2018, at the imposing Victorian Imperial Hotel in Blackpool.

Once again, record numbers attended.

Guests began arriving on Thursday, meeting up with old friends over drinks.

Friday night, as has become the 'Norm' was a themed fancy dress evening, the theme this year being, 'at the movies' where people turned up in all manner of character dress. The prizes for best costume were awarded to Husband and wife Stephen and Theresa Costello for their brilliant Henry Vlll, and Anne Boleyn costumes, and we were entertained by the Covers group, 'The LP's' from Cumbria. All this was accompanied by a themed buffet, beautifully presented by the Imperial Hotel's Head Chef, Craig. When the LP's had finished their two part performance, the DJ took over, and we danced, and drank the night away.

It is nice to see increasing numbers of our old 'Leaders' attending Noah's ARC Reunions, none more so than Brigadier John, and his lovely Wife Anne Smales fully kitted out in fancy dress, and threw themselves into the spirit of the occasion, much enjoyed, and appreciated by everybody, including themselves, they later told me.

Saturday night, booted and suited, Regimental ties blazers or suits, ( not black tie ) was our Gala evening where 317 of us sat down to a beautiful three course meal followed by chocolates tea and coffee.

This year, we decided to embrace Technology, and for the toast to ' Absent Friends ' where we would normally read a list of those that had passed since the last reunion, we installed giant screens around the room, and projected images of the people that had passed, whilst the last post soundtrack was played over it. The Vice Chairman, Darren Walker proposed the Absent friends toast.

Each year we try to do something different, to make it, "The Best Reunion yet" and this year was no different, and in a closely guarded secret Frank Smith ( The Oracle, and font of all knowledge) and I decided that instead of the DJ playing through the meal, as would normally happen, that this year having organised the projection screens we would utilise them to the full. I decided, with Franks help, ( and ALL his work ) we would take everyone on a pictorial Regimental trip down memory lane from 1946 to amalgamation in 1992 showing all the postings from that time and utilising photographs from our archives. This went down really well with everyone when they recognised either themselves, and especially when an old Officer who was at the Reunion got a rousing cheer.
This presentation, by Frank lasted in excess of two hours, and Rob, the Catering manager was constantly at my table asking , " how long to run" and he choreographed the meal perfectly, serving the chocolates and coffee, just as the presentation from my computer was winding down, consummate Professional, and I owe him a deep debt of gratitude.
So many people have asked if this presentation is available, Frank Smith has turned it into a DVD!

After dinner the 14th/20th Regimental Band took over and delighted us all with Squadron marches, Sussex by the sea, and Post Horn Gallop etc which went down a storm, and must be said brought a few tears to a few people !

Since the last Reunion I have handed over the chairmanship to Paul Wigmore, Darren walker continues as Vice Chairman, and I wish them and their Committee all the very best for Reunion 23, which is to be held once again at the Imperial Hotel in Blackpool, 28th, 29th, 30TH March 2019

Peter Farrell
Former Chairman
Noah's ARC