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Noah's ARC Reunion 2017

Noah's ARC Reunion 27 - 29 April - 2017

Thursday 27th April 2017

For many the weekend started on Thursday 27th April. There were over 50 already in the hotel by lunchtime, all in their football tops in readiness for the Manchester United Vs Manchester City derby.

The “regimental Mini” was put in place, Hawk on the bonnet and Regimental flag flying to welcome all members in a space that had been reserved especially for the occasion.

A TV had been requested for the game, however it was requested to be made ready for the Saturday so once again they had to find another venue that was able to stream the game and serve the drink of their choice in plenty.

On their return to the hotel after a 0-0 draw conversations continued around the bar area well into the dark hours when eventually silence fell upon the reception and bar areas once again.

Friday 28th April 2017

Friday was the start of the reunion and the numbers started to arrive in large numbers from lunchtime the hotel started to come to life with greetings of old friends and long conversations getting louder by the hour.

The Noah’s ARC shop open alongside the Tombola, Silent Auction prizes and the Ghurkha Welfare stand all opened at 2pm and although not quite ready many of the Noah’s ARC members gathered in mass to buy their reunion T Shirts, Crystal Glasses, bottles of Port and other item that were available.

Bids for the silent auction items were constant as many of the more attractive items caught the eye of the members.

Whilst all the members were consuming their drinks the committee members were getting ready for the evening entertainment. The ABBA tribute band arrived in the afternoon and were greeted by the chairman. They set up their stage and the DJ also arrived to make ready for what was to be a great night.


Many dressed in 70’s outfits, even the chairman who doesn’t enjoy fancy dress was up for the nights events and dresses all purple with his high heels. Prizes were awarded for the best dressed and the ABBA band were a huge hit playing many of the bands hit singles, to the joy of the ‘Dancing Queens’.


The 70’s themed menu was also a success of the night with both queues going for the duration of the break. A huge thank you to the Catering team at the Imperial for their hard work.


Some members managed to remain up until 5am talking the night away, catching up with the like of John Pinkerton who had flown all the way from Canada to be at the 21st Reunion.

Saturday 29th April 2017

Saturday started like any other day with a wonderful breakfast and the hollow looking eyes of some that had consumed more than they would have on a normal Friday night.

The shop opened at 10am for two hours and again at 3pm for a further two hours and it was none stop for the whole time. The Tombola had queues whilst members tried to win some of the prizes once again and yet more bids were placed on the silent auction items.

The committee started to get the Lancashire Suite ready from about 11am, whilst doing so one of the hotel members of staff stumbled and grabbed a curtain to stay up pulling it down, pelmet and all.

Andrea Baker blew up over 400 balloons and tied them to the weights that later turned out to be a favourite of some of the members. Balloons and all taken home as souvenirs along with the chocolate boxes and beer mats, a sign of success some would say!

The secret event was the Wedding of Shirley and Peter Ashton-Yamnikar, many congratulations to them both.

The committee had invited General Shirreff and several former Commanding Officers and officers via Home HQ to this year’s reunion and it was good to see General Sir Richard, Lt.Col Vickery, Tennant, Garbutt and others in attendance, something the committee hopes will grow in future years.

Michael (Dusty) Fogg once again marched in the Flag, as proud as any hawk could be to the Drum beat from Ryan Cartwright, again a last-minute request and done so well, thank you Ryan.

The Chairman and General Sir Richard Shirreff said a few words before Lt. Col Peter Garbutt presented Deni Draper the Regimental Rosette that was awarded to Lt. Col Drac Draper posthumously last year.

The names of those that have passed since last year were read out by the Chairman and Last Post perfectly performed by Darryl Cartwright.

The Imperial Hotel and their catering staff were once again excellent, the meal was excellent with the Cheesecake donning a Hawk as the final part of the meal getting great applaud from all.

Once the meal was over the Band members got on stage and played the Squadron marches and the regimental slow march which the Chairman (yes me) got wrong when asked its title. Splendid effort by all concerned, we the committee thank every single one of you!

There was a hitch when the DJ failed to attend, but after the committee and the hotel phoned around we got one. It allowed members to chat in the Lancashire Suite for an hour until the DJ set himself up.

The DJ was rather disappointing to say the least, but I will say he did give up his Saturday night at the last minute to help us out. Yes he was shocking, but we did manage to get many members dancing.

Members continued the party well into the dark hours. One member was asked if he had enjoyed the evenings events the reply was “O yes, so good I woke up in the fitness suite”! Just about everyone dispersed once they had breakfast early Sunday morning.

So now a new committee under the guidance of Peter Farrell is already planning the 2018 reunion which is to be held in April 2018 (19 – 21st). Already many members have booked their rooms and booked their holidays for the weekend, we look forward to seeing you all there then!

Paul Baker
Chairman – Noah’s ARC