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Noah's ARC Reunion 2016

Noah's ARC Reunion - 5th, 6th and 7th May - 2016

Thursday 5th May 2015

The reunion got underway on Thursday with many struggling to get to Blackpool via the M6 and Knutsford after a big accident caused diversions to and from all directions. A helicopter being brought to land on the motorway by all accounts and delays of up to 3 hours.


On arrival people were already set in their ways with a beer in hand gathered around tables with a sandbag pulled up alongside discussing the old days. The rooms were made available to just about everyone as soon as they arrived, no delay, and they were all very clean.

The hotel staff were very professional from our arrival to the time we left, some simply could not do enough. So the bar was where we all headed to as soon as the bags got to the room, beer and spirits at the agreed reduced rate with some food to order. That was closely followed by a trip upstairs and bed to catch up on some much needed sleep before the reunion got underway.

Friday 6th May and the The Oompah Band

Friday was a day that saw many more Hawks enter the hotel, greeting with old friends, the odd cuddle and pat on the back. If they arrived early enough then it was off to a successful day at the Tee. The venue was the Staining Golf Club for 09.30 for a round of Golf organised by Paul Wigmore.


At 09.00 the committee had a mini meeting to fine tune their plans and immediately set to task by setting up the Silent Auction items and then the shop. The shop proved to be a huge success with all clothing items (including the annual shirt in memory of our past President DRAC Draper) being sold out by about 4pm.

The silent auction items saw bids slowly beginning to rise with much excitement about both the Guidon, Decanter and many other items.

As the evening grew closer preparations were made for the entertainment with the Oompah Band and a DJ. The evening was German themed and members started to flood down in their lederhosen and other German outfits.


The Oompah band were wonderful getting people on stage to participate by playing their instruments, dancing and singing all of which was enjoyed by all.


The menu was also German themed with many well-known German delicacies being enjoyed such as Currywurst, Frickerdella, Bratwurst and of course Chips.

The DJ played music from all ages until closure around 1am when it was bed or the bar which was open throughout the night.

Saturday 7th May 2016

Not many sober heads in breakfast on the Saturday but everyone had a great night previously and nothing was going to spoil that. Many spent their morning going down to the towns shops or just going for a long refreshing walk.

The committee continued with the silent auction, selling Draw and raffle tickets as well as setting up the dining area for the evenings celebrations.

The band spent their morning rehearsing for their afternoons performance from 2pm with the Dixie band, their audience was not as it had hoped but they were much appreciated by all that were watching. They were fantastic, so if you missed it you missed a treat.


By about 5.15 the committee had completed setting up and were able to disappear to their rooms like all the other Noah’s ARC members to get themselves ready and downstairs for 6pm.

Ryan Cartwright got the events underway with his drum 10 minutes before the call to sit down. Then 5 minutes before hand the Fanfare was called, it true 1420H band style.


Once everyone was settled and sat down the Chairman (Paul Baker) asked for order and for everyone to stand and clap in the surprise of the night. The new Regimental Flag was marched in by Michael ‘Dusty’ Fogg to the sound of Royal Sussex played by the members of the Regimental Band, this had not been rehearsed as it was to be played via a CD which went astray, the Band were requested to do it 5 minutes before hand and they did it so well.


This was followed by the Chairman’s welcome speech and the meal which included a toast to our absent friends by our Vice Chairman (Peter Farrell) and ladies with port that was funded for by Noah's ARC a tradition the new committee thought needed to be introduced from tradations the regiment had from its past.


Once the meal was over the regimental band members returned to the stage playing the Squadron marches amongst other things including Sussex by the Sea. This had been planned, on the rear of the menus the words had been typed to ensure everyone had the words to hand and a seamless rendition could be recorded to prevent the mishap of Tidworth a couple of months earlier.

At 9pm the silent auction was brought to a close the following were the winners


The Guidon - Allan Gregory (above)
Hawk Framed - Paul McNulty

Lancaster Bomber pictures - Paul McNulty
Noahs ARC Framed - David Franks
Trumpet - Paul Wigmore
Chieftain - Richard Stenson

Guitar – Alan (Fatcat) Davies
Decanter - Trevor Jones
Ukelele - Lawrance Annett

Then we had the annual draw and the following were the winners

Jack Woodruff - £300.00
Terry Livesey - £150.00
Mike (Monty) Curran - £75.00

David Smethurst - £50.00

Congratulations to all concerned.

The evening later had a raffle and then members once again returned to either the dance floor or the bars to enjoy what turned out to be a very successful evening.

It has to be said that the staff at the Imperial Hotel were very proffesional to the last man/woman and determined to make sure all members of Noah's ARC had a memorable evening. The committee thanked the hotel for their hard work, we look forward to seeing them all again next year.

The committee are now already discussing the reunion for 2017 and look forward to seeing you all then.