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Noah's ARC's Reunion 2015

The 2015 Noah's ARC Reunion - 15th, 16th and 17th May

The Reunion was fully booked once again and proved to be an amazing success.

Thursday 15th May 2015

Arrival on Thursday gives an opportunity for those who travel long distances from all parts of the country and world to wind down and meet friends following their long journeys. They were joined of course by many who live more locally but who just look forward to having a great, long weekend.

A fair few aeeived nice and early and checked in to the hotel and spent the afternoon meeting their old friend and then dining together in the Hotel's restaurant. Of Blackpool has many other attractions and they later disperersed around the local areas to enjoy what was on offer.

Friday 16th May and the The Blues Brothers

Friday night proved to be a huge success with a Blues Brothers tribute band proving to be a great hit. This years T-shirts were dedicated dedicated to them and many decided to wear them and dress up for the part, dancing the night away. The buffet was also a great success, so a great night was had by all.

Saturday 16th May 2015

As always the main issue, no matter where we go, is parking. It was rather amusing to listening to people saying they had to park so many miles away. But on the other hand watching those that had managed to park in the hotels car park trying to move their vehicles in rather tight and crowded spaces.

The day saw many going around the shops and walking down the sea front catch some of the fresh Blackpool sea air. Others descended on the local pubs and other venues to 'warm up' for the evenings events. Returning back into the hotel some hours later somewhat worse for wear and me wondering if they would make it to the evening, but of course they did, some were the last to retire at the end of the night.

Saturday night was the main event a complete sell out with over 300 members taking to their seats. The evening started somberly with tributes being made to our former President Lt. Col. Brian (DRAC) Draper who sadly passed away just before the reunion.

Billy Baldwin dressed up in First World war battle dress and marched into the Hall to the applause of many.

The main events on the Saturday were as follows:

The Fanfare:

Played by: Fanfare team - Patrick Jones, Adrian Cassidy, Dave Higson, Darryl Cartwright

Raising of the Regimental Flag
Toast to Absent Friends
The Gala Dinner
The Band of the 14th/20th King's Hussars



Band conducted by Pat Jones

Flute - John Smales
Solo Clarinet - Ken Crick
2nd Clarinet - Colin Petherham
3rd Clarinet - Mrs Bowman
Alto Sax - Ian Hamilton, Tom Turnbull
Tenor Sax - Neil Bowman
1st Horn - Dave Higson
2nd Horn - Suzanne Rothwell
1st Cornets - Paul Wigmore, Patrick Jones, Adrian Cassidy
2nd Cornets - Dave Rogers, Ian Rigby, Darryl Cartwright
1st Trombone - Richard Sands
2nd Trombone - Richard Dodds and Robert Gunner
Euphonium - Donald Bateman
Drum - Dave Parkinson
Bass - Edwin Humphries
Kit P Dodgson
Post Horn soloists Paul Wigmore, Steve McKindland.

Frank Sinatra Solo sung by - Steve McKindland

Program of music

Army of The Nile
My Fair Lady Selection
Post Horn Galop
Squadron Marches Arr L Johnston
The Eagle
The Royal Sussex Regiment
Sussex by the Sea.

Disco played the night away until the early hours

Over 300 members sat down and enjoyed another terrific meal served by the Imperial Hotel. I would remind you of the menu but sadly it being so long ago I have forgotten, I do recall the compliments on the table and the exceptional service we received on our table from the staff.

During the evening the members who formerly served within the ranks of the regimental Band put all they had into playing the regimental /squadron marches and so much more. Members of Noah's ARC were up and banging the tables in appreciation. Paul Wigmore, Steve McKindland and others doing their solo acts too, again getting much deserved applause from within the hall.

As in every year a Draw and raffle was held and all those prizes have been recieved by the lucky winners, many congratulations to you all.

The Colonel of the Regiment, General Sir Richard Shirreff KCB CBE, approved the awards to Brian Draper (Regimental Rosette Number 70) and to Bob Harrison (Regimental Rosette Number 71).


"This is in recognition of your significant contribution to the Regimental Association through the establishment of Noah's ARC its Presidency and Chairmanship for so many years."

The awards were made prior to the passing of Brian Draper and sadly could not be presented to him personally.

Bob says "I am honoured and proud to receive this most coveted award. It will be worn with pride at every occasion that presents itself."





The presentation to Bob Harrison was made by Lt Col Peter Garbutt during our 2015 Noah's ARC Reunion.

So now we are getting ready for the 2016 reunion (No: 20) again to be held at the Imperial Hotel on the 5th, 6th and 7th May 2016. We look forward to seeing you all there!!