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Reunion 18 (2014)

Reunion 18
April 24th to 27th, 2014
Hotel Sheraton

Click Here to view VIDEOS of the event.


Mick with Diane
Mick with Diane

Our Flag Raising
Our Flag Raising

Stick it up your 'Joompah' Stick it up your Joompah

George with Ernie
George with Ernie

Reunion 18
Reunion 18

Reunion 18
Reunion 18

Johnny with Julie
Johnny with Julie

More photos on their way

If you have any comments (good or bad) on this year's Reunion please get in touch

My wife and I would like to say that this has been the greatest evening of our lives.

What a fab weekend, good luck all HUSSARS

That was an unbelievable reunion and I would estimate 380 - 390 attended on the Saturday night. It just made me glad I took an early night on the friday and had the stamina to fully enjoy the Saturday evening!!


Absolutely bloomin fantastic weekend. Loved it. Really looking forward to next year :)))

Hotel Sheraton - Noah's Arc have broken all known records for a weekend's takings at our hotel.

Annual Reunion 18

Our 3rd year at Hotel Sheraton produced "THE BEST REUNION EVER!". With the beautiful spring weather, a location overlooking the Irish Sea, and with UNDENIABLY our best turnout, we once again enjoyed a wonderful, memorable, week-end.

Thursday 24th April

Let's start with the bad news: We were paying £3.40 for a pint of beer!

But let's not dwell on that. For those wanting to make our reunion into a long weekend Thursday serves well. probably around 50 of us renewed our acquaintances before sitting down for a superb evening dinner provided by the Hotel as part of our 3-day package.

Friday 25th April

Let's start with the good news: We were paying £2.10 for a pint of beer, £10 for a Litre of wine, and £2 for spirits! Ah, that's better.

Friday morning and early afternoon is usually spent looking for who is going to get out of the next car to arrive - and then we watch them trying to get a parking space (there aren't any because the Thursday folk have taken all the spaces!).

Then it's cream tea and coffee before making oneself ready for the Friday evening entertainment. And that means donning lederhosen, funny hats and slipping into this year's Reunion T-Shirt.

It ain't possible to put into words the atmosphere on the Friday; it's relaxed, it's fun, it's music (of a sort) and it can only be experienced by being there. Ned Lydiard got the evening started with his own renditions (against the tide of a very noisy audience) and then it was the Oompah band which saw the dance floor filled from start to finish.

Highlights: The "Young Uns" who keep the party going throughout the evening; and what a sight to see Glyn Trigg blasting out "When the Saints" on the bugle. Hilarious.

Saturday 26th April

Annual Draw

The Annual Draw again took place and the fortunate winners were:

Mac McNulty
(Paul kindly donated a large slice of his winnings back to the Arc)
Alfie Smith £150
Allan (Noddy) Gregory £75
Glyn (bugle) Trigg £50
Kelly (Young 'Un) Wall £50

Congratulations to all of them. We're sorry if it wasn't your turn this year - but there's always next year :

A Wheel of Fortune and Raffles were also held and we'd like to thank Kay, Isabel, Dave & Pat and everyone else who helped for contributing to their success.

On Saturrday we witnessed:
  • Pints of beer still at £2.10 :)
  • Raising of the Regimental Flag
  • "Absent Friends"
  • Gala Dinner
  • The Band of the 14th/20th King's Hussars
  • Ned (Brian) Lydiard
  • Disco until the wee small (or large for some) hours

Messages were read out from:

  * Major-General Sir Michael Palmer
Best wishes to everyone attending the Noah's Arc 14th/20th King's Hussars reunion.

  * Our Club President, Brian Draper
I sincerely wish i could be there, however please pass on my very best wishes and fond regards to all Hawks for a really great weekend , HUSSAR!!! and I look forward to seeing comments/pictures and videos, of this special event.

  * The Chairman of 6GR Regimental Association
   (Lt Col Brian O'Bree)
Dear Bob,
My greetings to you and all your members and on behalf of the 6GR Regimental Association both for the 69th Anniversary of the Battle of Medicina on the 16th and for a very successful Noah's Arc Reunion on 24-26th. I will raise a glass (of Italian vino!) to 14/20H that weekend.

  * The Mayor of Medicina
   (Sindaco - Onelio Rambaldi)
"Thank you,
For my part, the administration and the citizens of Medicina. Your greeting is very welcome and we look forward with joy to the celebrations of 2015.
Greetings, Mayor Onelio Rambaldi".

  * Luigi Trevisan (Honorary Member)
Today is the 69th Anniversary of the Battle of Medicina. Very many thanks to your Forefathers and also thanks to all you for your efforts to save the memory of that event, an important step to delete the nazi-fascist dictatorship in my Country.
All my devotion and gratitude for those Folks, died for our freedom, and for all you.

  * Captain Nam Sing Thapa
Dear Robert Harrison saheb,
and all members of 14/20 King Hussars my Big Salute and Namaste! Many thanks for the email of the special inviting the Gurkhas (this weekend) on the Annual Reunion of Noah's Arc - the club of the 14th/20th King's Hussars Regiment celebration.
I wish you all members and families of 14th/20th King's Hussar's Tank Regiment a very happy Annual gathering and the Successful one.

  * Bill O'Driscoll & Sheila Williams
Sorry I can't be with you. Have a great weekend

We were delighted to record an attendance very close to 400 this year!

Not surprisingly the highlight was the playing of
The Regimental Band of the 14th/20th King's Hussars:

Band conducted by Dave Parkinson
Flute - John Smales
Solo Clarinet - Ken Crick
2nd Clarinet - Colin Petherham
3rd Clarinet - Mrs Bowman
Alto Sax - Ian Hamilton, Tom Turnbull
Tenor Sax - Neil Bowman
1st Horn - Dave Higson
2nd Horn - Suzanne Rothwell
1st Cornets - Paul Wigmore, Patrick Jones, Adrian Cassidy
2nd Cornets - Dave Rogers, Ian Rigby, Darryl Cartwright
1st Trombone - Richard Sands
2nd Trombone Richard Dodds and Robert Gunner
Euphonium- Donald Bateman
Bass - Edwin Humphries
Kit P Dodgson
Post Horn soloists Paul Wigmore, Patrick Jones, Adrian Cassidy
Fanfare team - Patrick Jones, Adrian Cassidy, Dave Higson, Darryl Cartwright

Program of music
Army of The Nile
My Fair Lady Selection
Post Horn Galop
Squadron Marches Arr L Johnston
The Eagle
The Royal Sussex Regiment
Sussex by the Sea.

The band would like to thank Mr L Johnston MD Burneside Brass for rewriting Squadron marches as the original has either been lost or destroyed and despite having no links to the our Regiment, when I asked him he was only too please to be able to help.

Hussar! (Dave Higson)


The Gurkha Welfare Trust

We have received the following message:

Hi Robert.

Many thanks for your generous hospitality in inviting us The Gurkha Welfare Trust to your amazing event at The Sheraton.

We raised £240 in donations and a further £75 in sales of Books which go straight to Author who in turn donates to The Trust. We are so thankful as £240 keeps an ex Gurkha pensioner (or widow) in food and medical care for 12 months in Nepal.

Next year Robert although clashing with The London Marathon, I will be pleased to attend your reunion, request the presence of any ex-Queen Elizabeth's Own 6th Veterans or a couple of Gurkha Servicemen in full Dress Uniform to pop in. Also if invited I will order badges with 6 RGR and try to get some more items from the Gurkha Museum relating to Gurkha 6 and 14th/20th affiliation.

Dhanyabaad (Thank You). Namaste (Hello/Goodbye). I bow to the Almighty within you. Or "Jai Bhagwan".

Please keep in touch, your comrades were ever so glad to see us there and made us really welcome. Warmest wishes, Roy and Jenny

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