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Reunion 15 (2011)

Reunion 15
April 15th and 16th, 2011
The Savoy Hotel

Some of the Committee at the 'Ready'
Some of the Committee at the 'Ready'

A Relaxed Thursday
A Relaxed Thursday

A Mad Friday
A Mad Friday

A Hot Saturday
A Hot Saturday

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Annual Reunion 15

The fruits of last year's Questionnaire were really there for all to see at the 2011 Reunion. Our best-planned yet - and it showed. Good company, good food, good entertainment - approaching the best ever according to some comments we've had.

A Relaxing Thursday

No 'Ladies Night Out' this year. Just shopping, chatting, eating and, of course, a few 'wets' in the evening to keep the throat moist. We were blessed with glorious Spring weather and walking the Queen's Prom of Blackpool is always a pleasure - despite the road & tram works!

Oompah, Oompah - ...

Friday began with not the best breakfast we've ever had but the cream teas in the afternoon made up somewhat for it. As evening approached the Committee were very busy preparing the Warbreck function room - re-arranging tables, hanging the bunting, laying out the table decorations and genrally giving the place a real Bavarian feel for our German Fun Night. The night proved a great success prompting loads of the best medicine - laughter. Our Oompah Band (The Blue Barons, really knew how to get people involved and - get involved we did. Oompah blowing, tamberine rattling, hose-pipe playing and yodelling were all part of the night:
She taught me to yodel.....

And what a buffet - simple enough but all agreed the bratwurst, bockwurst, schnitzeln und pommes frites jogged the memory back to our times in BAOR.

Abba daba doo

A five-course banquet got us in the mood on Saturday evening. Pate (great start), Muligatawny Soup (even better), Sorbet (nice cooler after the chilli soup), Beef Wellington that had the look of a large sausage roll! and a nice dessert ended the meal.

Then it was a few speeches followed by Mick announcing the toasts for 'Absent Friends' and 'The Men at Medicina' (this being the 16th April.) The Annual Draw saw Geoff Bingham claim the top prize and then the Auction saw some interesting items bring in some added funds to our Club.

Two beautiful young ladies (twins Hayley & Katie) then entertained us with terrific rendition of all of Abba's greatest hits before the 'noisy' DJ took over to see us into the early hours. Another great Noahs Arc night.


If there were any negatives it was the sharing of the hotel with the two wedding receptions, the one on Friday crowding all of the Albany area for most of the afternoon and Saturday's seemed to turn the place into a kindergarten!


Annual Draw

The Annual Draw again took place and the fortunate winners were:

Geoff Bingham 250
John Marcelle 150
Maureen Standish 100
Dave Whipp 75
Vi Pomfret 50

Congratulations to all of them.

Reunion 15 Photos

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