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Reunion 14 (2010)

Reunion 14
April 16th and 17th, 2010
The Savoy Hotel

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The Regimental Flag
Our Regimental Flag gracing the ballroom.

The Thursday Crowd
Some of the Thursday Crowd

Green Parrott
Need we ask if they enjoyed themselves?

Noddy & Ruth
Noddy & Ruth show off their flag.

Noahs Arc Plate
That Noahs Arc Plate

Looks like we get the thumbs up :-)

Guess they'll be back next year
Julie & Holly Sharing a smile with Phil and Johnny

We're definately here to enjoy ourselves
Banquet Fun

More photos on their way
please visit again soon
Annual Reunion 14

We'd had a few withdrawals leading up to the do and this unwelcome feature was saddened further when we learned that both Danny Tomlin and Alan Mayall weren't well enough to make the trip - along with their wives they both are staunch supporters of Noahs Arc. We wish them well along with all other Hawks who aren't up to scratch.

Ladies Night Out

Once again our ladies left us to catch up on the last year while they went for their own night out. This time 14 of them made their way to the Green Parrott in Blackpool where they were entertained by an effervescent Betty Legs Diamond and Rusty, their personal "hostess" (photo left). From the rosy cheeks on their return it was evident that they had found the bar.


Definately one of the most 'action-packed' Fridays we've had so far:
  • Starting of course with the ceremonial flag raising which went much more smoothly than last year! Our thanks go to Don Batemen for fanfaring the hoisting. The toast to "The Emperor" duly followed.
  • A new event this year was our 'Regimental Auction'. Every item was donated by our own members and a staggering total of 380 was raised to boost our funds. Many thanks to everyone who took part and especially to Ruth, our star bidder. Thanks of course too to our 'Auctioneers' Ferdy and Drac.
  • This year our Quiz was provided by our piano-playing, disc-playing, singing compere. It was OK but was dragged out somewhat and it lost some of its appeal. A noisy bar area doesn't help, but who can blame them - it's what they're here for!
  • Having a choice of buffet was very much appreciated - Stroganoff, Carbonara or Veggie bake - and there were nothing but compliments on the fare.
  • A questionnaire for members to complete and air their views on the future direction of Noahs Arc was distributed and we look forward to providing you with the results.
  • In an effort to again boost our funds each Committee Member provided a bottle and we held a very successful raffle which raised a welcome 151 - our thanks once more.
  • The evening ended with our piano-player entertaining us to a medley of tunes which even saw a few of us on the dance floor.
  • When I retired to bed it was still a very noisy, and happy, bar area.


We began with our Annual Draw (results below) and a few speeches, and they were followed by our "Absent Friends" toast with Mick. Then they surprised me with a presentation but I must say it's a unique, great gift that Linda and I shall treasure. Our thanks go to Drac, John and the Committee for their thoughtfulness.

We have always been happy with the catering at the Savoy and they didn't let us down - four tasty Gala Banquet courses that were cooked and presented to a high standard. The last course brought cameras out all round the room - a chocolate Hawk (see photo left) to go with the chocolate roulade - very clever.

If you were with us this weekend you will have seen the accounts and appreciate that our funds have been very much depleted over the last couple of years. For that reason we have not been able to invest in the good quality entertainment that our function deserves. This year the Hotel provided us with a piano player who provided some background music during our meal and probably pitched it at about the right level. However as after-dinner entertainment it fell way short and the event, in my opinion, fell somewhat flat and lacked atmosphere. It's a difficult one for us as many of our members disappear out of the function room as soon as anything loudish comes on - and yet we have the younger end baying for disco / dance music. That's my only gripe and I promise you that we'll do something about it.

Throughout the weekend we've been asking you to support our Charity - Help the Heroes - and well, did you? Our final total is a magnificent 360!

The setting in such a beautiful room and the display of Noahs Arc Regimental Ties never ceases to make me proud of what we achieve each year. From comments already received we have had another very successful, memorable reunion. Thanks for attending.


Annual Draw

The Annual Draw again took place and the fortunate winners were:

Rick Aindow 250
Bob Chadwick 150
Wally Burns 100
Brian Hunter 75
Alan (Fatcat) Davies 50
Bottle of Malt Whisky
Kindly donated by Mitch Metcalfe - Steve Garner
A Holday for 2 at any Britania Hotel - Brian Drake

Congratulations to all of them.

Mick McGowan
Can someone turn the music up? I can't hear a thing!

Reunion 14 Photos

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The first set is, as always, from our own expert photographer - Solly Moulton

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If I missed you, sorry.
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