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Reunion 13 (2009)

Reunion 13
April 17th and 18th, 2009
The Savoy Hotel

The Regimental Flag
Our Regimental Flag eventually
graces the ballroom.

Danny Tomlin gets the boat out
Danny Tomlin is anchor man rowing the boat out!

Funny Girls
Some of our Ladies, with an even 'prettier' young lady, at Funny Girls
Annual Reunion 13
We seem each year to say "The best Reunion ever!" and maybe the purists can explain why this is so, maybe it's just the closeness to it. Whether that is true or not, this was definately at least one of our best, the response from those who attended have been overwhelmingly positive.
  • Thursday saw the Ladies depart for the 'Funny Girls' show while the lads got down to having a few pints. It was rather a disjointed get-together until, without any planning, the chairs started to be dragged around to form a large circle of friends and a great atmosphere was generated. Later on, rejoined by the ladies, it was Melissa (Ron Young's daughter) who had the idea of Pizzas all round - thanks to Melissa and Dave for escorting her. The hotel said the next day that "bar takings had broken all records".

  • The Flag Raising was a hoot! Owing to a problem with the Hotel's flag poles we swithched this to the ballroom, probably an idea we'll keep for the future. Anyway, we had no trumpeter this year and so, having practiced the playing of the Regimental Fanfare on the CD player, all was set for a spectacular effect. BobH banged the drum, Bob Butler pressed 'play', Mick McGowan had the bugle to his lips, the flag raiser was poised to hoist the flag... and we got Ricky Nelson singing Travelin' Man. Fantastic!

  • Friday Evening We kicked off with a Regimental Quiz (Drac) and a General Knowledge Quiz (composed by Pete Stuffins, called by Drac). For those who joined in it was great fun and educational but with not the best of Mic's and a, not unsurprising, very noisy bar area Drac had to be at his best to carry it off.
    Buffet was a very tasty hotpot and then DJ 'Grandads' BobB, Mick & DaveH provided us with some great 60s music. Once again bar takings must have been up near record levels.

  • Saturday The whole weekend was blessed with wonderful sunny weather and most guests, once they'd visited The Noahs Arc Shop, took advantage to stroll along the promenade or do some shopping. The evening saw us sit down for a banquet dinner which was just about perfect, well served, steaming hot, tasty and plentiful. What more can you ask for?
Overall, a great, great weekend.

The Annual Draw again took place and the fortunate winners were:

Eric (Ginge) Barker 250
Jim Harris 150
Allan (Noddy) Gregory 100
Phil (Quassie) Baldwin 75
Michael (Merlin) Blake 50
A Holday for 2 at any Britania Hotel - Billy Blundell
A Pair of silver Kukris Cufflinks (donated by Brain Parsley) - Phil (Ali) Barber

What. No Lottery Win!
I can't believe I've not won the lottery!

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