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Reunion 12 (2008)

Reunion 12
April 18th and 19th, 2008
The Royal Clifton Hotel

Terry Carter and Regimental Flag
Royal Clifton Hotel
Annual Reunion 12
In the words of John Barrymore:
Fantastic.. Fantastic.. Fantastic..

Numbers this year for our final visit to Southport were again down on some previous years but that didn't stop those who did attend from having on fantastic weekend. Early starters on Thursday held the first (of three) celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of Maureen & Roy Standish whilst others just relaxed in anticpation of the weekend to come...
Friday saw the opening of the Noahs Arc Shop and we had many visitors (and buyers) to our half-price sale. The evening party in the Balmoral Suite was a somewhat quiet affair - perfect for catching up with the news from your mates - but perhaps not so quiet for those who found their way to the Karaoke in the Conservatory! They don't make hotpot in Merseyside like my mother used to make and those who chose the lasagne probably made the better choice while all of us enjoyed the benefits of concessionary bar prices.
Saturday was full of surprises and will probably be remembered by attendees as one of our best Reunions.
  • First up was Robin Holland presenting a booklet produced in cunjunction with his brother Mick. Sadly Mick wasn't too well in the days prior to the Reunion and couldn't travel and so the planned presentation by the two brothers was deferred until next year;
  • Following the 'Official' Flag Raising Ceremony (Don Bateman (Reveille), Mick McGowan (knots)) we were grandly entertained by Terry Carter on the hotel's Grand Piano;
  • A great Buffet, Disco, and Drinks took place in the Windsor and Chatsworth Lounges and Ian (Fred) Street joined Terry to provide some vocal entertainment. I believe someone turned out the lights around 5am (I escaped about 3am).
The Annual Draw again took place and the fortunate winners were:

Johnny (again) Morris (John donated 50 back to the Club) 250
Wayne Hurst 150
Vic Spencer 100 (All kindly donated back to the Club, Many thanks, Vic)
Trevor Entwistle 75
Ruth Gregory 50
Prizes donated by Judd Travis & Moya were won by David Ashton
and John Woodward

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