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Reunion 11

Reunion 11
February 23rd and 24th, 2007
The Royal Clifton Hotel

Royal Clifton Hotel
Annual Reunion 11
A late rush, and some tickets sold on the night, once again pushed our attendance figures over the 200 mark. Perhaps the snow of 2006, the higher ticket price and the effect of the 'every two years' factor had its effect in taking us lower than the Gala Reunion of the previous year.

That didn't stop us having a ball and the Royal Clifton can never have seen it's main Chatsworth Suite as well-filled as it was on the Saturday night. As ever there were the 'new' faces with Mick Burgess and Kevin Whittaker making their first appearances, to name just two. A fabulous buffet saw us well fed too.

The Annual Draw again took place and the fortunate winners were:

Johnny Morris (John donated 50 back to the Club) 250
Alan Brown 150
John Woodward
(but John Wood had his hands on it for a while (sorry John))
Brian Drake 75
Eddie Walters 50
Thommy Walsh 25
Prizes donated by Judd Travis & Moya were won by Michael Long
and Alan (fatcat) Davies

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