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The Jeff Levene Collection
Jeff with his Little Helper

B Squadron, 5th Troop, Hong Kong 1970/71?
From left: Ray Owen, Dave Dukes, Dougie Burton, Geoff Pagett,
Dennis Bradley, Bob_H, Eddie Edwards, Jeff

Newcastle RUC Station
Jeff, Brian Shuttleworth, Brian Duffy, Steve Beavers, 'Chinny' Burns, Phil Baldwin

"Dems My Shoes"

As promised, I found the picky of our Saladin with the muzzle cover fitted for HRH's inspection (thanks to Lees), the only one without the regimental 'bung.' You can clearly see Princess Anne smiling when I cracked my joke about 'Dems My Shoes' after she commented on the brilliant shine, However Captain Symons - I think he was called didn't seem to appreciate the joke, Fozzy on the other hand looked like he was going to burst!

The adrenilin is oozing at the start of the Dragon Boat race.
Cox Jeff with - (Dave Lees, Jake Fleming, Spike Young, Dave Swanick, Stan Smith,
Scouse McMullen, Alec Gartshorne, Derrick Forrest, Phil Baldwin, Ray Owen, Phil Roe,
Steve(Stiches)Wheeler.) At the Helm, Martin Davies and, bashing the Gong, Simon Lang

The water is oozing in at the end of the race!

Oh, Happy Days!
Among others the Glynn Trigg smile and, at the top, centre, Pinky Lomas.

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