rank badge   Ramnuggar Shampoo - but who?
This message was received from Super Duper (Trooper) Cooper on 16th August 2001:
It was I.

It was the only night I went to a Sergeant's Mess do and was not given any extra duties. That night the Mayor of Manchester was Guest of Honour and he said to me I have never seen anything like that in my life. I said I would do it again for him but someone quickly ushered me away.
I even managed to stay for the champagne breakfast and it was the only time that Vic said anything nice to me. He said 'Well Cooper you did really well - no one has ever had that much champagne left in the Ramnuggar Cup before'! (Mind you they did keep filling it up!)
I have some more pictures of that night if you would like to see them. [yes please, Pete]

Kind regards
Peter (Super Dooper) Cooper

PS. I once got 28 extra duties. A record I believe. However I did reach WO1 and got my LSGC!

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