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Noah's ARC Reunion 2019

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Noah's Arc Reunion
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28th - 31st March 2019

Annual Reunion

Once again our reunion is to be held at
The Imperial Hotel, Blackpool.

The Committee of Noah's ARC are pleased to announce that for the 5th year the location for our Annual Reunion is to be the Imperial Hotel, Blackpool. The Imperial is the most imposing of all Blackpool promenade hotels, with its 160 bedrooms, function rooms for over 300 guests, and car parking for 150 cars, we can highly recommend this hotel to you.

Long used as a major conference centre by the Conservative Party, the Labour Party and Trades Unions, the hotel now prepares to host Noah's ARC! .

The Imperial is taking bookings for next year's Reunion 28th, 29th, and 30th March. The agreed rate for Noah's ARC is £58 per person per night, (bear in mind, if you ask for a Sea view, or upgrade to your room you will have to pay a further supplement, so, check what your total booking will cost at the end of the process) If you ask for single accommodation you will be charged £58 + a single supplement of £25.

Payment will be taken from your card one Month before the Reunion ( They are good at taking it then, but not so good at telling you after they have done so ! ) These prices cover Bed Breakfast and evening meals, whether they be the Buffet on the Friday entertainment night or for the Gala Meal on Saturday. It also entitles you to free car parking, ( Normally £6 per night ) 15% drinks Discount throughout the weekend.

TO MAKE YOUR BOOKING...Call the Direct booking line with your card details on 01253 754 616 stating ' Noah's ARC Reunion 23 ', and CHECK WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN CHARGED !!! Afterwards. The direct line Reservation booking telephone number for Portia, Gill, or Emma FROM 1st June will be 01253 754616

Noahs Arc Reunion
Noahs Arc Reunion
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