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Proposed Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum

Donations for 1420H Memorial

Details coming soon

After one of our visits the National Arboretum Rachel asked me why we only had a small plaque on a tree and not a monument. During the journey home she convinced me that we should build one. Over the past two years we have had various meetings with the arboretum and potential suppliers. After submitting a few different designs we have finalised the one below. We have to date, raised enough money for the land it will be placed on and the final application fee.

Having had discussions with planning at the Arboretum, our monument will be placed in the first spot at the beginning of Cavalry walk next to the KRH monument and we know the design is now at a point where it should be given final approval. Made of black granite the Monument will stand at around 7 feet high with 3 feet being underground. The hawk will be a commissioned 3D sculpture in black and gold metal which will stand around 1 1/2 feet high and sit in an oval hole drilled through 10 inches of granite.We are meeting with the Artist again next week to finalise design plans.

Once the design is approved and the application fee paid, we have three years to have the monument in place, otherwise we have to pay to submit a further application. This is a new rule at the arbouretum to stop organisations saving plots in perpetuum. Due to this we will not be making the final application until we have raised almost all the money required.

We have lots of events lined up including, raffles, fundays, music festivals and hopefully an indoor horse racing night! The amount we need to raise is £20,000. A huge amount yes, but this will be reached. This is not an if but a when.

At the moment we have a stall at Lords Antiques & Salvage ( ) at Ingleton (Stall 24). I am making models and we have raided family and friends to fill the stall with antiques, all proceeds from this are going into the monument fund.

As you might be aware, I played last post at the Rugby International match on Sunday. We work with the RBL reqularly, so our regional RBL President, managed to get all the England players signatures on our regimental Flag (together with Jamie Peacock and Helen Skelton- the TV host) we will be auctioning this on eBay to raise as much money as possible and proceeds from this will go to the fund.

We do have a dedicated bank account for the memorial fund and this is not being funded by Noah ARC, so please do not be concerned if you donate to Noah's ARC, your money will go there and not be used to fund the memorial!

We are hoping this meets with approval of all our 14th/20th family. If anyone feels they want to help in any way or donate please could you contact us.

Darren & Rachel

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