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Noah's ARC visits the King's Royal Hussars in Tidworth
13th February 2016

People started to arrive in Tidworth and the surrounding areas on Friday 12th February 2016 in readiness for the long awaited visit to Aliwell Barracks and the King’s Royal Hussars. On meeting each other they started to enjoy the weekend with a meal together at the local Toby Carvery.

The majority however arrived on the Saturday driving from all areas of the United Kingdom, all excited and looking forward to this long planned event. As agreed we were met by the Guard at VCP1 and directed to the Sergeant’s Mess where we were greeted with a hot tea, coffee and bacon rolls.

The Regimental Sergeant Major (Joey Clough) and all the Regiments Warrant Officer’s were in attendance along with many other very welcoming Senior NCO’s. We were able to look at old photograph albums laid out on the tables for all to see, and all very well looked after.

After warming up we walked to the Regimental training wing were we watched a short movie on the Regiment and were briefed on the plans for the day before being split up into groups and taking to the tank park.

Vehicles including Challenger 2 (CR2), Bulldog, CVRT’s and the CRARRV (Challenger Armored Repair and Recovery Vehicle) were placed outside the hangers for everyone to climb on, in and around with instructors available to answer any questions.

Inside the hangers many small arms were laid out on the tables so they could be picked up and ‘played’ with, surprising just how heavy they are these days.

In the training wing itself CR2 ammunition was displayed and passed around to remind us of their weight with the capabilities explained.

All were invited to participate in some fun and games

  • Gunnery competition – targets were displayed and we were timed and tested on our accuracy in shooting the targets.
    • Won by Colin Camelleri-Agus
  • A small arms shoot with laser SA80
    • Won by Peter Ashton-Yamnikar

Midday saw us retire back to the Sergeant’s Mess for a Roast lunch and some drinks from the bar. Everyone agreed we could return just for the bar with a pint just costing over the £1- mark.

At 5 pm everyone was transported by mini bus back to their hotels to freshen up and get ready for the evenings entertainment.

At 7.15pm the mini bus returned and collected us to taken us all back to the Sergeant’s mess. The evening’s Valentines Day celebrations were on with a buffet and disco. An absolutely brilliant evening that went on until 2am, for some probably a lot longer?

In appreciation to the Sergeant’s Mess the Chairman of Noah’s ARC presented the RSM and the mess with a framed embroidered image of the Noah’s ARC crest, framed.

Towards the end of the night and after the words were written down members of Noah’s ARC assembled by the DJ’s stand and did a rendition of Sussex by the Sea, something requested by the RSM. It went down very well – be prepared, if we go again it may be requested again!!

The day was great and already we have been invited to return in the future. It comes recommended from all that attended I am sure, please keep your eyes on the website for further planned events.

Some pictures taken during the day

More pictures of the Drum - Click Here

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