Any members R.E.M.E L.A.D 1968 TO 1972

Looking for an old mate? Is anyone looking for you? Post a message here or search for names you might have information on.
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Any members R.E.M.E L.A.D 1968 TO 1972

Post by Wozy » Sat Jan 27, 2018 5:25 pm

I am looking for any H.Q L.A.D members that served in tidworth and in Singapore with A squadron lost touch after I moved to 3 fld wrksp weyhill also served gosford castle markethill N.I. WOZY

mick burgess
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Re: Any members R.E.M.E L.A.D 1968 TO 1972

Post by mick burgess » Sat Jan 27, 2018 7:30 pm

Hi Wozy
I am in contact with an old C Sqn "Tiffy" Ian Rumble he even transfered to us did you know him he lives in Wales
Mick Burgess ex Hawk :roll: :lol: :cry:

Brian Harding
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Re: Any members R.E.M.E L.A.D 1968 TO 1972

Post by Brian Harding » Sun Jun 03, 2018 10:24 am

How are you doing old son, crickey its some time ago now but I still reminisce some of those good old days in merry Paders and Tidders. Just in case you are struggling to remember I was a Cfn armourer at that time under Q Kelly and Dusty Miller, Paddy Dunlop Chris Bellamy (I made the tea & swept the floor). Of all the lads who were serving at the time I have only ever met up with two, Fred Crossman whom you may remember was an acute alky in Paderborn, and that was just a fleeting hi in some workshop, and the then WO2 Robertson ,i/c ECE's, who sporting major rank was duty field officer at depot one day when I was in attendance reluctantly. Geordie Stanley, Gill Wilson (the fitter turner,) Gus McPhee,Paddy Urch,Bob Reid,Bill Smith,Johnny porn Poyser, Stevie Rowlett (rebadged to 14/20) Mick Tomlinson,Brian "jaws" Sharkey (rebadged to RMP/SIB),Jack Kelly and his Alsation and more whose names I cannot place. My great pal from those days was Steve Ward 14/20,(He was the lad building an aeroplane in HQs cellar) we became great friends staying in touch after I was posted out to the Gren Guards, but he coverted to air corp and was tragically killed shortly after discharge in a helicopter crash.I went on to complete the full 24, ended up artisan s/sgt then as production manager for a brush factory in Edinburgh, then 7 years at Heriot Watt university and am now bored stiff in retirement.Serving then was happy days mostly, I wouldnt enlist nowadays as there is no political backing for the troops and little time off due to cutbacks, but we had fun.
Nice to see someone is still around keep in touch, I don't visit this site much, this was just an off-chance. Regards
Brian Harding

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Re: Any members R.E.M.E L.A.D 1968 TO 1972

Post by PINKY » Sun Jun 03, 2018 6:34 pm

Stevie Rowlett taught me Chieftain in Hohne in 1981 as my D and M Instructor. He was in Munster 1988 and was D sqn SQMS. He was brilliant. Glad he transferred........

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