David Frank Milner from Yorkshire 1960s Germany

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Service Details: Family member, David Frank Milner from Yorkshire served in the 1960s in Germany. He was born in 1941 He had a daughter he gave up for adoption, Heather. We don’t know more details about which troop and because Heather was adopted we can’t find out through official channels. Help! 8l
Real Name: Heather Morris

David Frank Milner from Yorkshire 1960s Germany

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Hoping someone can help. We are trying to find any photos or memories of David Frank Milner. We know he died in Cambridgeshire in 2014 and his biological daughter, who he gave up for adoption by the moms new husband, is desperate for a photo or Any details. She has no memory of him. He only served during the period 1961-1966 in Germany. He was a TPR. We do have his service number if that helps. He was born in August 1941. He was kind of a bad un. That’s all we know. Can anyone help?? We would be so grateful.

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