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The Regiment in Stone 2

Posted: Mon Dec 23, 2013 4:45 pm
by Bob_H

Many thanks for your contributions in the previous topic. It has now been closed so that we can clear the air somewhat.

The image based upon our Hawk journal, provided to me by Frank Smith, has now been submitted to the Chairman of the KRH Association as an example of our wishes. It represents an authentic representation of the badge that we were familiar with during the service in the Regiment of most of us. This will now go to the Trustees of the KRH and so we will await their response.

We have been told that the representation of 1420H upon the KRH Memorial is a decision also for the Trustees. Whilst accepting this I have again pointed out that we would like to have our recommendation considered. The Chairman of the Association will discuss this with the Trustees.

If any issues arrive - for instance about the 'engravability' and placement of the paving stone I will let you know.