B sqn lads 1982 - Hohne. Stan, Mick, Sooty and me.

Talk about your time in the Regiment, the KRH, Military Life, Equipment - Let's keep the good memories going.
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rick aindow
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Re: B sqn lads 1982 - Hohne. Stan, Mick, Sooty and me.

Post by rick aindow » Wed Oct 11, 2017 1:30 am

Hi Pinky, Arnie, Sammy and Bill!
I only seem to get on this site every blue moon! where as a couple of years ago it was my first 'go to site' on waking up each morning. I do a lot of work on Facebook and so I am on there most of the time and catch up with Regt info that way.
Only this last weekend a mate and I decided that we would plan a an 'old fashioned road trip' for next spring, We have accommodation in the Margaret River area of Western Australia that we can use for a week but when we did the logistics of the car journey we had to 'bin it'
As Arnie says we would have needed 6 days of 8 hour driving each day just to get there, we wouldn't have time to sight-see and the fuel costs would be around $500 each way!
I am off to the UK and Spain (Barcelona for a cruise) next European spring, travel is getting quite expensive and Australia is such a long way from anywhere, although we got good flights au$1300 return, its the insurance that starts to get expensive once you reach 70.
I noticed, with envy, last time I was back in the UK how cheap it was to get around Europe, seems people are having weekend 'Stag or Hens' parties in Prague, Amsterdam, Austria etc because the fares are so cheap!
I sometime miss the snow but I often drive down to the 'Snowy's' in the Ski season just to get my fix! (Before I came to live in Oz I didn't know that it snowed in Oz

All the best boys, its great to see that you are all alive and well!
From Brisbane Queensland, beautiful one day, perfect the next

Bill Bentley
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Re: B sqn lads 1982 - Hohne. Stan, Mick, Sooty and me.

Post by Bill Bentley » Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:41 pm

Glad to see you back on line Rick,

the insanely low prices of travel here are NOT sustainable, it's all part of a con to make the european union's 'unrestricted travel theory' look good. One example: aircraft do not pay any tax on their fuel, so it's cheaper to fly than to drive your own car, or take the train, utterly illogical ! The bill always catches up though, just look at Ryan Air and Air Berlin, both built on quick-sand and on their way out. A big holiday company in the UK also went bust recently. It's obvious, you can't sell anything for less than what it costs to create. Once THEY have the monopoly though the prices will rocket, mark my words.

The EU are determined to make Brexit a failure because WHEN the UK leaves the EU, the EU is broke ! They, the EU, plan their budget years in advance and have already committed the UK's membership fees for years to come and when they (the uk's contributions) ain't there ... oop's.

There is no way around a hard Brexit anymore because the EU are fighting for their lives and can not back-peddle. Just look at how they are reacting to Catalonia wanting independance :shock: :shock:. Democracy is only good as long as you do what THEY say, disagree and THEY are as bad as any other bastards in history. Just look at the US democratic party, squealing like a stuck pig instead of realizing that 'they had their heads firmly up their own arses' and that's why they lost ... are you listening Europe ???

You take care in Barcelona, by next spring, it could be hotter there than down under :lol: :lol:

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Re: B sqn lads 1982 - Hohne. Stan, Mick, Sooty and me.

Post by PINKY » Fri Oct 20, 2017 1:07 am

I hope they are Bill.

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