Ted Podester Benghazi

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mick burgess
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Ted Podester Benghazi

Post by mick burgess » Sun May 14, 2017 11:57 am

Hi Old Hawks can anyone help the son of Ted Podester John who is trying to find out the facts about an accident his Dad was involved in Dusty mentioned some gas ovens exploding .
Have att the email he sent me to add some light on the event. Feel free to email John direct if you can

Hi Mick,
Notice your message on Noha's Arc and thought to send you a message. I am the son of Cpl Ted Podesta. It is a coincident that you both joined the 14/20 Kings hussars at about the same time, you in Sep 56 and dad in Nov 56. Ted joined the regiment as they just arrived in Germany and was posted to 'B' Sqn. but he was not a fighting soldier so they put him to work in the stores and other types of work like that. In 1957 he was part of HQ.Sqn. and then' C' Sqn. while the family lived in Celler till 1959. when the regiment moved to Hohne in Nov 1960 bringing all Squadrons together he worked in the cookhouse and was part of HQ Sqn again and stayed with them through out his time in Libya and 1966 in the UK. Ted did his last three years with the regiment in Sennelager Germany with 'C' Sqn. till the family left Germany for the UK in Jan 1970 and discharged in April that year. he had a few close friends who left the regiment at the same time being Tom Alcock, and Don Townsend and a few others. In Benghazi on arrival they put our large family at Wavell barracks into two homes knocked together at the far end of the aeradrome where Sgt. Kenneth Preece flu his plane over head. his wife Molly was good friends with my mum Gina. I noticed you served at the Corporal mess as a barman at the Diamond Club at the camp in Benghazi, did you know a Tpr. B.L. Bunn from 'B' Sqn. who also was a barman. one day he was ready to clime a mountain in Kenya with a Cpl. Kirkham ?. my mum told him to be careful but he told her he will be fine but was killed in 1965 on that mountain. We lived in the same row of houses where RSM. Witney was living and when he left Libya in 1964 Terry Cripps took over as the new RSM. for HQ Sqn. he did not matter to him which rank you were he was nice to everybody. In 1965 while still in Benghazi Ted had the responsibility of spraying the married quarters to clear away cockroaches so had to mix the chemicals to do this. one such day it exploded in his face, it blinded him he panicked and it took three men to hold him down. he was then rush to the camp hospital where he recovered, Mick McGowan also of HQ Sqn. like dad was there when it happened and when I contacted him about what happened I never got any closer to what happened as it must have been very bad as a few of the lads were sent home and discharged in the UK. one of them was Tpr John Riley who died of a heart attacks while visiting his son in Melbourne, Australia where I am now living. he was meant to come and visit us a few days before he died but it was not meant to be as I could have asked him many questions on what happened. The incident is not even mentioned in any of the regimental journals as one soldier had his knee cap damaged and I think a few had health problems years later.
Regards John.

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