The Regimental Graveyard and Columbarium

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The Regimental Graveyard and Columbarium

Post by Paul W. Baker » Thu Feb 16, 2017 10:12 am

The spaces in the present Regimental Columbarium in St Lawrence Church, Barton, are either occupied or reserved. If Association members are to have their ashes interred here in the future, then a new wall must be built at a cost of around £30k.

The Regimental Columbarium Appeal Fund


For those who are not familiar with the Regimental graveyard, it is situated at the Church of St. Lawrence, Garstang Road, Barton, Preston, Lancashire, PR3 5DR. Within the graveyard is a columbarium wall into which Ashes may be interred. We believe that our Regimental graveyard and columbarium are unique.

Members of the Association can reserve burial plots in the Regimental graveyard, or places for Ashes to be interred in the columbarium wall. The costs are minimal in that a small reservation fee is required, which goes towards the upkeep of the graveyard. Reservations are made via HHQ.


The cost of a plot in a civilian graveyard can be very expensive. In the Regimental graveyard the cost is NIL and the only expenditure for which relatives will be responsible are for the following:
Undertaker, Grave Digger, Headstone and the Vicar's Fees.


Interment of Ashes into the columbarium would incur costs as follows:
Undertaker, cost of small casket (to contain the Ashes).
Name Plaque (supplied by a local Stonemason).
Vicar's Fees.

A New Wall

All of the spaces in the present columbarium wall are either occupied or have been reserved and so if Association members wish to be interred here in the future, then we must build a new wall. The cost of planning and building the new wall is in the region of £30,000. This is to too much for the Regimental Trust to bear alone and so we must look to raise the funds in other ways, such as:

A Grant from the Regimental Trust Funds.

Reservation fees from those reserving places in the columbarium wall.

Donations towards a Regimental Columbarium Appeal Fund. Donations made on-line at the Regimental website or by cheque to HHQ.

Before proceeding with this considerable outlay, the Trustees would like to gauge the the need for a new columbarium wall and the interest amongst Association members to support fundraising efforts. You are asked to follow the link below which will take you to the survey page on the Regimental website to answer two simple questions.
Please ... urvey.html to go to the survey page

Thank you for your support

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