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Re: To the Heroes of Ramnuggar

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 1:42 am
Again and every year we raise a glass to the:
Heroes of Ramnuggar.

Re: To the Heroes of Ramnuggar

Posted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 7:23 pm
by Bill Bentley
One side of me likes tradition because it reminds us of things that would otherwise be forgotten and any reason to raise a glass, without having to feel guilty, is alright by me.

I watched the remembrance day parade marching past the Cenotaph on TV and could not help wondering ... how many of those who were on parade, to remember the fallen of just so many conflicts, have actually bothered to remember their own old comrades ... other than at the well visited reunions and what about those that do/can not attend ?

Should we not make more of the living/survivors than the fallen ?

If a fraction of the effort that goes into the pomp and ceremony of Armistice Day were to go into looking after ex-service people in need today it would save a lot of suffering. Perhaps I just have a bad attitude, but spending millions immaculately preserving graves all around the world does not put a roof over the head of some hungry, homeless ex-service person today !

For years I always tried to speak to tramps, though many don't want to answer the usual silly questions. So when I now see a tramp I go and buy some hot food and hiding the food under my coat I sit down next to them. After a short while I ask them if they can do me a favour, which seems to rattle their cage and provokes the question 'what can I do for you' ? I then ask them if they would share my meal with me, it almost always works. If they get shirty I simply leave the food and walk away; the food then always get eaten.

So yes, cheers, 'to the heroes of Ramnuggar' and how about buying some hungry person a warm meal :wink:

Re: To the Heroes of Ramnuggar

Posted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 7:37 pm
by Hawk195
To the heroes of Ramnuggar.

I understand where you are coming from Bill. But I am still trying to work out why they keep reducing the forces strength. For soon the will have nobody who did service to uphold the tradition and it will go by the wayside.

Re: To the Heroes of Ramnuggar

Posted: Wed Dec 07, 2016 12:36 pm
by Bill Bentley

for me it is all a simple question of the cost. If we have nuclear weapons we do NOT ALSO require an armed forces of old proportions. We still need armed forces that can react as required i.e. against pirates or perhaps against an invasion of immigrants crossing the channel and indeed to support the police if required :shock: !

Personally I should have preferred not to have had nuclear weapons but a stronger armed forces, that said, with more orientation towards a 'disaster reaction force', along the lines of the German THW, helping our own people in the event of flooding, drought, landslides, etc. and offering assistance to FRIENDLY NATIONS abroad.

But the tax payers simply can not afford both ... and a functioning education system, national health service and police force along with pensions for us old fogies etc.. We can't have our cake and eat it !!!

This, along with a bunch of corrupt thieving bastards calling themselves Managers, Bankers and the like and far too many spongers have together eroded the pillars of society.

Frankly, sadly, I'm not at all convinced that we, inside or outside of Europe, will be able to regain stability because nobody is addressing the real problems:

1) There are too many people on this planet all living longer and all wanting water, food, houses, jobs or pensions ... central heating, cars and holidays-abroad and the planet simply can not cope with the ever increasing demand.

2) The nations with the power are resisting the up and coming nations by causing wars which do little to reduce the population but do considerably increase the burden upon Mother Nature.

Without addressing the cause of the problem we shall never find the solution.

Re: To the Heroes of Ramnuggar

Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2016 1:44 pm
by Hawk195
Hi Bill
I am not into Hari Kari? But I am only 20 odd years from my 100years I think I will hang on as long as I can. :D . As we no longer present a land forces like we have always have, why not increase the TA and also increase the pay. Some thing like the American National Guard or bring back National Service.

Re: To the Heroes of Ramnuggar

Posted: Sat Dec 10, 2016 9:34 pm
by Bill Bentley
Hi Tony,

may you live to reach 100 and more years and may you be healthy and happy till the day you die !

In principle I am against war ... unless somebody attacks me ... and yes we had a Force rather like you describe, it was called 'The Home Service Force' in which I was a Troop Leader (S/Sgt.). All ex-regulars, all local lads, based on their own county regiments for admin purposes, mine the DLOY, (C-HSF Sqn.) Nobody fights better than local lads protecting their own ! Perhaps that was why we didn't last long ... 'central government wants central power and NOT local power-houses'.

There is quite a bit that can be done to reduce the living population without KILLING anybody ...

If we would simply allow people to die 'who have no possible chance of recovering to a normal state of life', (yes, one can argue about what 'normal life' is) but it seems to me that, IN AN OVERCROWDED WORLD, 'bringing people back to life' (that means that they died for whatever reason) KNOWING FULL WELL that there is no chance of them ever recovering, is rather insane. It's the same with unborn babies, we actually operate on the hearts of unborn babies, still in their mothers womb, KNOWING FULL WELL that they will never be able to live a full life. And yes that means actually working and paying for their own existence at some stage of their lives, for who else must do it ?

I once read that in Europe there are more than 120,000 people in permanent comas, several for over a decade ! Even if they were to wake up their body functions would never allow them to take an active part in life and we call that 'medical advancement'. I should rather give water to a thirsty African.

I also think that anybody who needs and accepts international emergency help, following say a famine caused by drought, should be sterilized so that they can not bring ever more hungry mouths in to such arid regions. Then the survivors might just have a chance of living well.

If a young teenage survivor gets sterilized, they can't then have ten kids, who each have ten kids, which means that in 50 years there will be a hundred less people than there would otherwise have been. I think that the human rights of that young survivor are a small price to pay to save a hundred future children from starving. Sterilizing a few thousand during, or better still before, a famine could reduce the future population by millions.

Another example: Haiti, most of our help has done very little to put those poor people back on their feet, they still live in abject poverty and need ever more help to feed their starving children ! It's the devil chasing his own tail :evil:

I didn't want to but ... if the Pope would ENCOURAGE the use of condoms that would save MILLIONS of people getting all sorts of infections and becoming desperately ill and it might actually prevent many, many thousands of unwanted births. What a sick club the Catholic Church is ... and we slag off the Muslims !

Not to worry eh, got to make the most of what we each have. Thanks for prodding me on, it's good to get it of one's chest.

Merry xmas and a safe and healthy new year to you and yours.

Re: To the Heroes of Ramnuggar

Posted: Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:46 am
It’s that time again that we raise a glass or cup to the Heroes of Ramnuggur.
We salute you brave Hussars.

Re: To the Heroes of Ramnuggar

Posted: Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:02 am
by Bill Bentley
As ever, to the Heroes of Ramnuggar, cheers !

Ah life must have been so simple back then, go where you were sent, slish-slash and slish-slash again and again and then back home to a heroes welcome.

Not any more, if you don't get prosecuted immediately they'll be chasing you for as long as you live. Just look at how the lads from N.I. have been hounded, some in their 70's now, and still on trial and being tortured by the system that sent them :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:. It's been no better in the more recent conflicts, the lads going to prison for doing what they were sent out to do, kill the enemy ! For what other function has an army when facing up to an opposing army :? ?

It's hard to imagine having had some shit stirring reporter at Ramnuggar, or a body camera betraying you. Preserve the memory of those innocent days when winning was the whole point of going into battle.

Soldiers do not cause wars, they end them !
Many break under the pressure of their experiences and end up on the street, support those who have been less fortunate than yourself, for there, but for the grace of God, goes each and every one of us :shock: .

Having just scrolled through the old posts in this thread, I note two particular entries: one from our old friend Brian Draper and coincidentally one from Phil Baldwin, of whom Brian often said "best gunner I ever had". Both old friends of mine and both sadly no longer with us. So my toast this year is to the Heroes of Ramnuggar, Brian & Phil, cheers !

Re: To the Heroes of Ramnuggar

Posted: Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:13 am
To coin a phrase: ‘what a crock of shit’ the way those NI vets are being treated.
And didn’t our government release shed fulls of real terrorists as part of some outrageous agreement?
We live in messed up times.....