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Post by Brian Moulton » Tue Apr 24, 2012 6:59 am


Just in case you didn't read Kevin Whittaker's response to my query on how to trace your army number :

However, for Solly and his new found friend and ex Hawk, Harry Sharp who did National Service in 1956/58..for him to rediscover his regimental number and service details, Harry, in the first instance, would need to complete a DPA SAR FORM 1694, available for download from the 'Veterans UK' web site. This has to be sent to: Army Personnel Centre Secretariat, Disclosures 2, Mail Point 515, Kentigern House, 65 Brown Street, Glasgow G2 8EX. All the National Service records are retained by the MoD and held at this location and are still governed by various rules and regulations and hoops to jump through before any form of disclosure.

Thank Kevin and let us know if you have read this.

Brian "Solly" Moulton

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