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A National Service Perspective...

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2009 10:45 am
by Bob_H
Ian (Jeff) Jefferies has sent in this great collection of photos and articles from his time with the Regiment from 1960. They include items from the 1961 Guidon Parade and Triangle Magazine. Ian Says:

"As promised I have compiled a CD of the pictures I hold from our 1960's experience!!
I hope you might find them useful and a good memory of the times spent in that very strange situation, common to so many National Servicemen. I was always so grateful for the good humour and companionship of my regular army friends and colleagues during both the training period in Catterick and more particularly in Germany.
" ... ries-1.pdf ... ries-2.pdf ... ries-3.pdf ... ries-4.pdf

Note: These files are quite large, please let them load fully - you will need Acrobat Reader.