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Terry Murphy
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Service Details: JLR 1965-1967
14/20H, C Sqdn, 1967
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Re: Paderborn

Post by Terry Murphy » Mon Jan 20, 2014 3:25 pm

Ric, I remember that patrol, was it you, me, Dave Mcglyn and Toddy? Have some photos of us in that boat somewhere, I'll try and find them

Al, you're not wrong,talk about overcrowding in that caravan, the only thing that saved us from starvation was when one of us won that food hamper in the Labour club raffle one Sunday afternoon.
I also met Stuart Rundle when I was in Recce Troop in BATUS, we had a chopper to take us on a recce and Stuart was the pilot, didn't get chance to speak to him much as he was flying the thing and I was too busy trying to follow the map.


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