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Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 6:02 am
by Bill Bentley
Highway robbery.

After Steve’s memorial service I felt compelled to visit my oldest school friend, who had had a life changing motorcycle accident last year. I would fit this in with a visit to my fathers grave, which I had not seen since the day we buried him, on my birthday, in 2003. I don’t get across to the UK very often.

Heading back to the Eurotunnel we were forced to use the M25 and the Dartford Crossing. I vaguely remember that the old tunnel was a Toll Road, so we kept enough currency to cover any expected charges. The Dartford Crossings were well signposted, no problems, but there was no indication whatsoever about a Toll Charge until we were on the ramp up to the bridge. The old paying station was closed down - out of use, so it was impossible to pay. On the side of the road were large signs ‚Dart Charge‘ nothing else. We arrived at the Eurotunnel and having crossed continued our journey home, just under 20 hours in all.

After just a couple of hours we had to be back on our feet, pick the dogs up from the kennels and a couple other important appointments. Upon checking my e-mails, of which there were many, I decided to see what the road signs ‚Dart Charge‘ might have wanted to tell us.

There’s a 2 pounds 50 charge for using their bridge ! If you don’t pay by midnight the following day you will get a 70 pound fine, if you pay this within 14 days it’s half price!

Even though I was repulsed at the idea of having to pay for something that I had not been informed about before I could perhaps choose to an alternative route, I decided to pay up and be done. I filled in all of their stupid questions and had to realise that there is only the option to pay by credit card. I choose which card and then get told to accept their terms and conditions, which include a 1 pound 50 pence service charge for using a credit card, total charge 4 pounds !

At this I am disgusted ! When running my various businesses over the years I have always understood that it is against international banking law to charge for the use of a credit card ! So I searched out the ‚contact us‘ bit and wrote to them asking how else I could pay. I could do an express bank transfer I suggested. There were still about 6 hours before midnight … all’s well, I thought.

They replied sending me the same 'pay up link' that I already had and the only way to pay on the link was with a credit card or they specifically wrote 'at an authorised Pay Station with cash'. I then asked where the next Pay Station was, giving my address and the post code of the next town. Their reply was DOVER, almost a thousand kilometers away. This of course was a no brainer, so I again asked for a bank account, into which I could pay the 2,50 without surcharges. In all we exchange 8 e-mails each way, three of which were before midnight.

Then their reply was: It’s now past midnight and you can’t pay anymore, you have to await your penalty notice. It is not their fault if I am incapable of following their simple instructions, CLEARLY YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO USE A KEYBOARD they wrote and they are not willing to discuss the issue any further.

Well, what a bunch of tossers ! This is a clear cut case of HIGHWAY ROBBERY ! It did not take long to find that we are not alone in our opinion. There are websites in every country complaining about the disgusting way that the crossing operators FORCE people to use their crossing by not giving appropriate information, a suitable distance away, so that drivers could choose an alternative route. Then to have no possibility to pay at the crossing. Then they expect you (also foreigners) to understand their stupid sign … for which you need a smart phone (which I do not have) … which it is illegal to use while driving anyway (so you would probably get a photo and a fine for that as well) … then you have to navigate through their THREATENING text to eventually be told that it costs ONLY 2,50 and by accepting their terms and conditions … a surcharge of 1,50 = 4 pounds. On top of which, we who come from other countries get a ‚foreign currency charge‘ and lousy exchange rates ! What a fucking rip off !!

What is this world coming to ? Friends tell us it’s the same in Norway, Australia and New Zealand and our holiday research indicates that France, Spain and Portugal are no better.

I have to ask myself if we soldiers did the right thing in defeating Hitler, getting rid of the STAZI, fighting off any number of so called Terrorists Organizations, while fighting other wars all around the globe, and are still trying to defeat ISIS. For what, when our own system treats us like this ?? At this rate it will not be long before the people stand up against these scumbags, who operate ‚Dart Charge’ and other such organisations who operate with the full backing of the legal system and so also the police.

Frankly I couldn’t care less about the 2,50, or even the 4 pounds, not even about the 70 pounds or 35 pounds if I pay within 14 days. But to be treated this way by the people who are supposed to be looking after our interests makes my shit itch ! When this is how they treat honest, hard working citizens … then revolution is not far off :shock: .


Posted: Sat Sep 22, 2018 11:26 am
by 27

Obviously you had a German registration on your car, How did they manage to get your E Mail address so quickly I think there is something fishy going on. :o :o :o



Posted: Sat Sep 22, 2018 12:24 pm
by mick burgess
As you say Bill come the revolution !!!
Still not to worry BREXIT will sort it all out. :roll: :lol: :cry: :roll:


Posted: Sat Sep 22, 2018 7:25 pm
by john kerwin
Hi all,
Up here in the back woods of the grim north :) . We have more speed earners (sorry cameras) than trees. And more to come. The new ones are average speed cameras, and with them there is no leeway. They whoever they are are making a fortune :x . It would be great if they spent it on the roads and filled all the pot holes. But I suppose London needs it more than us northern morons :evil: :lol: :lol: . COME THE REVOLUTION. :wink:


Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 6:57 am
by Arnie
Hi Bill come to PERTH, Western Australia. Here we have no Toll Roads anywhere. I haven't been to Melbourne or Adelaide for some while, so can't comment, but Tolls are in place in Sydney and Brisbane. Sydney Harbour Bridge was finished in 1932 but the Toll is still on the bridge and also the Sydney Harbour Tunnel. In Brisbane 'some' of the highways (motorways) have tolls and as I understand it there is some complicated method of payment and fines. My son who lives in Brissie through ignorance of the system ran up a bill of $12,000 or so in fees and fines. Perhaps Ric can say what the rules are for Brissie, but I have it in my mind that without your knowledge your Driving Licence or Vehicle Rego is cancelled and presumably the first you know of it is when the police pull you over, which gets you yet another fine. Welcome to the NEW MODERN WORLD. Legal Dick Turpins.


Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 9:49 am
by Bill Bentley
Hi 27 and all,

nothing fishy mate, I, like the honest dumb twat that I obviously am, wrote to them, willing to pay my fair dues as one should. But their dumb, incompetent system and their thieving corrupt ways, coupled with their insolent, idiotic operators are not interested. So, I gave them my e-mail address myself :twisted: :twisted: .

I have to come to the conclusion that THEY have to pay a return fee to the government for winning the operators license. This is calculated on the actual 'fee', 2,50 per car, which presumably just covers the running costs and keeps the profit down to a minimum = an almost zero return to the government. Maybe that's why there is no cash in the kitty to fill potholes up north John !

Surcharges and fines are collected separately and are not considered to be a part of the win (profit) from operating the bridge. IF my assumptions are correct ... the real business (profit) is aimed at the surcharges and fines and not at operating a bridge ! That is the only logical conclusion that I can reach. I have seen such scumbag tactics before, they are typical of the banking sector and it's all run by lawyers and sealed by judges so there is no point in trying to take it to court. That's what THEY call law and order :shock:

Either way, just from the few replies so far, which add up to a couple of hundred years of loyal service to our country, clearly THEY are not doing it properly - in the interest of the peoples.

Man am I glad that I am no longer in service and so, no longer risk being sent out to sort out the problems that THEIR evil way of thinking causes. Just think, if THEY treat us like this ... how have THEY been treating little, weak, third world countries ? Let us not talk about unsavories like Hussain and Gadaffi and bin Laden who we murdered for resisting THEIR demands ... or Assad or Iran because we ain't got them yet ...

In Africa THEY buy water rights from corrupt governments, then pump so much water out of the ground that the ground water level sinks. The locals can't dig wells deep enough to reach water anymore and so have to buy water from the operators (i.e. Nestle) for their own survival. They of course protest about this insane injustice. The protesters get called rebels, then terrorists and we soldiers get sent in to kill them. That's what armies are for !

In India, a thousand small farmers PER MONTH commit suicide, because their crops fail, because they have been seduced (FORCED) into buying genetically modified crops, the seed of which will not germinate. The result is that the farmer can't afford any new seed because he still owes money for last years failed crop. The result is he can't feed his family and suicide is his only (honourable ?) option. Many actually drink the ROUND UP - poison from Monsanto, now Bayer, and throw themselves into rivers to drown.

I would not have to be a genius to think that a lot of land has been mortgaged to get the money to buy the first crop and the mortgage gets foreclosed for the price of the debt, NOT for its actual land value. Typical banking practice. The final outcome is that THEY get the land ... legally ... for a hand full of useless corn.

We farmers have a saying, you reap what you sow. I sure hope that THEY get what THEY deserve and that THEIR suffering is equal to the suffering that THEY have caused. No more and no less.


Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 3:54 pm
None in Alberta...…...probably lots in Ontario.