Yes! I am still alive.

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Bill Bentley
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Re: Yes! I am still alive.

Post by Bill Bentley » Thu Mar 22, 2018 5:47 pm

Arnie and all, I'll go along with using any bait to get people back on line, good eh !!!

Regarding Everest, as I understand it, it's brightly coloured toilet paper and the shit thereunder that is most obvious; now why would they all be shitting themselves so much :lol: :lol: ? Then it's every thinkable piece of equipment from ladders, ropes rucksacks etc. etc.. Most bodies do get brought down unless they are buried in an avalanche and so lost under the snow, like Mallory, who was found some 70 years later ... if memory serves.

As for doing stupid things during our youth, for sure we are all guilty, I must have shot more than my share, even before I joined up. These days I try not to kill anything unless I am going to eat it, except rats and the like of which there are more than enough. I suppose that we should be very careful with our choice of words ... I recall we used to say about pretty young ladies: now that's a tasty bit of stuff ...

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