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Re: Kipling, Europe and Brexit

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 3:41 am
by Arnie
Hi Yall,

I think this topic title should be changed to "Kipling, (constituency) of North East Somerset, Jacob Rees-Mogg". My current hero. Sorry Bill, you talk a hell of a lot of sense but cant hold a candle to Jacob :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

Arnie :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Re: Kipling, Europe and Brexit

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 4:36 am
by Bill Bentley
Rick, Arnie,

hibernation time over is it, Rick, good to see you back online this year, even if it's only to wish us well and blow away some of the fog that has been smoking us out; does, can anybody really grasp the situation ?

Arnie, I have heard the name ... will have to look him up, sounds like a Taffy, what's he doing in Somerset, bloody immigrants :?.

Yes it's nearly xmas and time for Mr Kipling to get in to the bakery and get some yummy mince pies baked so that we can pig ourselves into unconsciousness, while the majority of the worlds peoples go hungry. My wife and I shall not be fasting over xmas this year, as we have for the past five years, because we will be pensioner by then, and, so must fast for the rest of our lives, because there sure ain't enough cash to get fat on :lol: :lol:

Make the most of it everyone, stay safe and remember to look in again next year.

Re: Kipling, Europe and Brexit

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 1:45 pm
by Hawk195
Greetings All
Here is the the to do first Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Friends and Enemies alike.
Rick I came across a family search on Irish geneology some years back whilst searching my Irish roots. Bill as long as you are self sufficient and can feed yourself and family you should be OK. Being an OAP is not bad it just takes looking at what you can are good at and choosing which you like best. I did a few things like SSAFA and the rest, then decided that I would become an SA (Extra) As long as I stay below the limit set for income Tax would not have to pay.
I did captain America (appeared on screen 3 Seconds), A load of Shameless, 2 Commercials for Man U. Peaky Blinders.
plus lots more. You meet a good selection of others and get fed breakfast and Lunch. My latest is darkest hour with Gary Oldman who was a great guy to work with. Gets me out and about and not bored stiff at home. But like the army does not suit every one.

Re: Kipling, Europe and Brexit

Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 4:09 pm
by Hawk195
There you go the rats are coming out of their tunnels just when Teresa is doing well. Is there any way they can be stopped, Is this the doing of a certain newspaper editor and his pals.

Re: Kipling, Europe and Brexit

Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 7:37 pm
by Bill Bentley

if these wankers were in my troop I would bang their heads together and throw them out of the window. I have mentioned before, somewhere, that I was never a very popular person, in or outside of the army; but I sure as hell always got the job done ! Those who have remained my friends are themselves worthy people who can be trusted. Not like that lilly-livered, weak-kneed pack of RATS, you said, sounds about right to me :twisted: :twisted:.

For me they are fools, no worse, idiots, because they are destroying our chances, wasting our resources and we shall all suffer because of them ! Even if and when we do eventually break away, the energy that has been lost can never be recovered, they are traitors.

There is nothing to be had in Europe any more: In Berlin we are years and years behind with the opening of the new Airport, simply because they can't even comply with the regulations that they themselves have laid down; lets not even mention the billions of euros extra that it's all costing. The new high speed train broke down on its inauguration journey last week. Two airlines have gone broke in just two months. Several major companies have announced the laying off of thousands of workers, Germany is sinking and it's supposed to be the leading light in Europe and these pathetic morons want to cling on to it :? :? :? .

If I was a good christian I might say: "Forgive them, for they know not what they do"

But, I am of the opinion that those who choose to lead should know what they are doing, achieving the required result is the mission and it was the peoples of the UK who gave the orders: Get OUT of the EU :! Just what is it that they do not understand.

Re: Kipling, Europe and Brexit

Posted: Fri Dec 15, 2017 9:29 am
by Hawk195
Well Bill

You amaze me. I have heard nothing about the new airport, the airlines going bust or the High Speed trains and I tend to watch the news.

Re: Kipling, Europe and Brexit

Posted: Fri Dec 15, 2017 7:39 pm
by Bill Bentley
Hi Tony,

not only are you amazed but me too ! I have just spent quite some time trying to get you some links, in English, to the details and they are indeed hard to find. What can I say, the press are not openly publishing FACTS that would give a negative impression. They want it to look as if Brexit is causing all of the problems but that is not so, the problems are already here. I do not doubt that they will get considerably worse if the EU do not do a good deal with the UK and we need to use this lever to our advantage :).

Try searching for yourself:

The new Berlin - Munich ICE high speed railway link. They still can't travel at full speed because of technical faults and apparently because of ice on the tracks, perhaps that's why they called it the ICE.

The Berlin Brandenburg Airport, BER, also named the Willie Brandt Airport. Should have opened in 2006 at a cost of 2 billion, to date it's cost 6,6 billion and has yet another opening date of Autumn 2020. In the meanwhile it continues to cost 17 million per month to maintain. Try: Berlin Brandenburg Airport - Wikipedia.

The two airlines that have gone broke are: Air Berlin & Niki Airlines, in both cases thousands of holiday makers were stranded overseas. Also as result of which Lufthansa have increased their prices and are making a real killing.

Amongst others Siemens and Bombardier are reducing their workforce, I never thought to take notes of the others but it's getting ever more frequent and ever larger numbers.

It will be interesting to see what you can find if anything, happy hunting.

Re: Kipling, Europe and Brexit

Posted: Fri Dec 15, 2017 8:57 pm
by Hawk195
Hi Bill

Searched, the internet for the items read them and came to the same conclusion you did. The reports said that when info was requested the papers refused to give a reply

Re: Kipling, Europe and Brexit

Posted: Sat Dec 16, 2017 10:28 am
by Bill Bentley
Hi everyone, please read the last five posts to follow this properly:

I wonder if our friends in Australia or Canada can find any details ?

I must say it stinks to high heaven that the press are manipulating the public by either publishing or suppressing news. That is NOT their duty, it is their duty to report investigated FACTS as they are, without personal, political or ideological distortions ! In my opinion it's high time that the press barons had their wings clipped.

In the USA Trump calls it 'fake News', in Germany we call it 'Lügen Presse' (the lying press) but it's actually much worse than that, because they suppress news selectively and it gives a very distorted impression. For example: tell one side of any story: Black, tell the other side of the same story: White, anyone reading both versions will decide its all Grey. But if they only report just Black or just White people will believe that what they have read; a one sided story.

When I was I kid they used to say "I've seen it in black and white, which meant printed, like the Bible, and it had to be believed.
Then there was the quiz question: what's black and white and red all over ?
The answer was a newspaper, magazine or book, (should have been written read all over - everywhere).
These days it could be understood to mean Red - BLOOD all over, because these lying, cheating, arseholes are going to cause a revolution and people will not even know what they are fighting, bleeding and dying for :twisted: :twisted: .

Re: Kipling, Europe and Brexit

Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 7:10 am
by Arnie
Hi Yall,

got it right again Bill. Was debating with Brenda's niece, 50's or something like that, who is a teacher (and therein lies the problem). She is an absolute Socialist and literally hates Trump. She is reading a book which claims that 27 Psychiatrists swear that Trump is certifiably mad and therefore should be institutionalized, or worse. It is a shame that she cannot see that they can only find 27 shrinks amongst all the hundreds of thousands of shrinks in the US of A.
My argument is that most ham-shanks are a long way towards being certifiable and nearly all politicians are.
In your last post, analysing the problem, you hit the nail on the head, the Main Stream Media. Joseph Goebbels would have been proud to be part of today's MSM. The Democrats in America refuse to believe or cant bring themselves to believe the FACTS about Hillary. This is reflected throughout the world, particularly in Australia. It used to be sacred writ in my house that total silence was to be the order of the day when the news came on. I bought the West Australian (for the Cryptic Crossword) and sometimes read it. Never watch the news nowadays, nor do I buy the paper. Every article seems to have become a negative Trump bashing article.
It obviously is having an effect. As you all know I live in a delightful Retirement Village where the residents are for the most part sedate old ladies. Except for Brenda, everyone of them have a fervent hatred of Trump. Many of them have expressed a wish "That someone should kill him", WHY? I do my best to educate them,without much success so far.
Having spent some 15 years in the Int Corps I was taught to "rate" or grade information before turning it into valuable Intelligence. In its simplest form it grades the raw information by deciding the, source and connecting it with verification. A good example of this was my experience in NI. In NI I had first hand knowledge of many incidents (me, the verifier) which were then reported on the TV News and the printed media. If the media generally got it right (the source) in some things that I knew the details of, it is fair to assume that they got it right in others. I read The Telegraph, who generally got it right, as opposed to the Sun, or the Mirror and sorry to say sometimes the Express. CNN, during it's rise during the Gulf Wars, seemed to be a great news source. UGRRH, not nowadays. Never ever watch it.
To return to the point made in the first paragraph, teachers. Don't know the percentage of Socialist, Liberal, Democrats teachers but they certainly are spreading the word thoroughly. My Niece in Law, mentioned above, has a stunningly, beautiful, blonde daughter, who is an out and out, dedicated communist. Been arrested many times at the various Protest marchers, she's usually the one with the bull-horn in her hand. 25 or 26 years old and a 'professional' student. Totally un-employable despite her 2 degrees.
The Yank Constitution, Freedom of Speech and all is certainly missing from the curriculum.
Good on you Donald. DRAIN the SWAMP. Just an example of how the Swamp is corrupted. Consider just two car dealerships. Washington DC Ferrari, and Los Angeles Ferrari dealerships. They each sell roughly the same number of cars per year. Only difference, in LA they are bought on finance, DC they are bought CASH. Classic case of money laundering. Even the home company in Italy has noticed it and despite the loss of trade warned the DC dealership off the practice, opportunity for you in Mercedes.

End of Sunday Sermon :lol: :D :D :D :D :D :D

Re: Kipling, Europe and Brexit

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2017 10:58 am
by Bill Bentley
Arnie and all,

after Trumps speech last night, I sort of wish I was a yankee, very powerful, this kind of language has been missing from modern politics for far too long.

The problem is the american people and their way of seeing things, they truly believe that they have some kind of God given right of supremacy. Ordering everybody else to do things, see things, their way. It might be lucky that half of the american people are not behind him and those that are, are mostly overweight jerks who can't survive without their fix of coke and hamburgers 3 times a day. Not that our own people are any more united or our youth are any better !

When he talks about terrorism he completely overlooks the fact that it it the USA (AND Europe) that is terrorizing much of the rest of the world and that the so called terrorists are mostly in their homelands trying to resist invaders.

I also utterly disagree with his assessment regarding climate change. As you know, I see it as being the greatest threat to life as we have known it. Things will soon change for the worse and everyone will be very sorry. Not that I care anymore, I have recently come to accept that climate change is no longer stoppable. Not because Trump has pulled out of the Paris agreement, because that was also not fit for purpose: saving the planet. As I have said often enough: problem number one is the worlds population and nobody, except Sir David Attenborough, is even talking about it.

People breathe and so produce carbon dioxide, we drink and then pollute water, our mono-agriculture destroys nature and pollutes it with herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers, we hold animals in appalling unnatural conditions and feed them genetically modified crap and man made medicines, which we humans then eat ourselves and pass out in our own waste. We build houses, roads and cities from unnatural materials which do not rot, we heat with coal, oil and gas which took countless millions of years to create. Almost all of our industries have a negative effect on nature. We have all but fished the mighty oceans empty and poisoned them with man made waste. A recent scientific report (The Krefeld Study) shows that, just in the past 25 years, 75% of insect life has disappeared and of course all of the micro organisms that lived on their rotting corpses. But not one important politician has the balls to say we MUST reduce the worlds population by planned and peaceful means.
How ? - Easy ...
Anybody who needs international assistance, following a natural disaster should be sterilized. This would save countless innocent, as yet unborn, children from suffering in the future and producing ever more children in the next generation to perpetuate the suffering.
Allow people, who choose not to live any more to throw the towel in, YES voluntary euthanasia.
Forbid all forms of unnatural reproduction.
Alone these three points would have an immediate effect and reduce the worlds population.
Afterwards education will help, but it's utterly ridiculous to think that you can educate people who we can't even feed and house. These people are the dissident hoards of tomorrow !!!

But hardly anybody is willing to even talk about these points and so by remaining silent YOU choose the only alternative which is conflict, war ! And so we come back to Donald Trump who offering exactly that.

Where I do agree with him is in his words "A Nation is not a Nation without borders". This is unquestionably right, why should someone who is not a contributing member of a system (Nation) enjoy the benefits of that system ?

I also agree that any Nation should, MUST be able to defend itself against attack, but just who is attacking the USA or Europe. Please don't say terrorists, we have allowed, nay, INVITED these people in, HELLO ! If a Nation has control of its borders and vets visitors properly, there could be no such attacks from outside.

For these and other reasons I support Brexit because we have a small chance of deciding what our leaders do in our name. We have no influence whatsoever on the NONE-ELECTED CLOWNS in Brussels who have no idea of and don't care about what you or I want or need or think.

By the way, if Trump wants to make America great again he should look at just when they were 'the envy of the world', was it not that short period after WWII and before they got involved in Vietnam. In his presidential campaign Trump promised to withdraw from foreign wars, that would have been clever !
Surely not even he thinks that he can take on China, Russia, the collective Nations of the Middle East and South America ...

Re: Kipling, Europe and Brexit

Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 2:01 pm
by Arnie
Hello everyone, took a few days off from the site so I could recharge the batteries.

Your last Bill starts off about my mate Donald. Never did say he was perfect, and even he has never claimed to be perfect but of the choices I believe he was the best of a bad lot. Then again I have always been a "conservative" politically. If one studies the recent history of the Yanks it is woeful, particularly when the Democrats have been in for a while.
Starting with Wilson , no NOT Harold, in the early part of the 20th Century. He was in essence,by his actions responsible for the debacle that followed. Prohibition, the Utopian 'League of Nations, which came in while he was President. He vetoed the Volstead Act (Prohibition) but it was passed anyway in 1921. As you all know Prohibition was repealed in 1933 by FDR but it was too late for the country, if it hadn't been run by criminals before certainly after, it allowed the rise of Organised Crime, which has led to a steady decline in the morality of the Nation. (and I am an Atheist talking about morality)
After the Second World War with the big club in his hand (the A Bomb) Truman started to bully people(s).
Ho Chi Minh was basically a Nationalist and tried desperately to stop the return of the French, whose colony it had been before the war. Truman needed the support of the French to establish NATO so instead of telling the French to stay out he allowed them to return, a la the First Vietnam War. As you all know NATO HQ was originally in Paris until De Gaulle pulled the French out.
There is no doubt that the Allies, including the Soviets, could have formed a coalition to rebuild Europe after the devastation brought about by Hitler, but Truman wanted to show everybody that he was not to be pushed around and could stand up to these people like Stalin and Churchill, despite some of the advice he was given by his own advisers. The start of the Cold war? We all know about that, don't we?
The huge US Defence (should called the Attack) Industry was firmly established during the war but was allowed to wield power after the war, and increase.
Eisenhower followed Truman and continued the dislike of the Commies. He was followed by JFK, incidentally the Kennedy fortune was established during Prohibition by JFK father Joe Kennedy running illegal liquor. It has reliably been recorded that JFK was assassinated because he was going to stop the American (Second) Vietnam war thereby depriving the now, all powerful, 'Defence' Industry of making even more Billions.
Some pundits say that JFK's successor, L.B. Johnston, was in fact the guy who organised the assassination.
LBJ was followed by Tricky Dickie. The rot in the American Government had certainly set in by this time.
Gerald Ford was the next. Jimmie Carter followed him. I was in Berlin by this time and many of the US servicemen of that time told me they would support a coup because of him.
Dear Old Ronnie was the next but it could be argued that he was very much responsible for the ending of the Cold War. Amen to that. My belief is he contributed a great deal to its finish, even though jokes were made about him at the time. (Can anybody else see the similarities between Ronnie and Donald, one did a lot but not the glory but ridicule and Donald is similarly being crucified despite making THINGS happen)
Then all the Super Elites began to appear, Geo H.W. Bush, followed by Bill (I DID NOT have sexual relations with that woman) Clinton. Then came Geo W. Bush followed by Barry Soetoro, looks like his TRUE birth certificate has finally surfaced. Look forward to his erasure from the list for being born in Kenya.
All of them started or continued wars to Defend the security of the USA (Keep its Oil flowing).???????
Then comes Donald, seems to me from the same mold as Ronnie, JFK, FDR, Teddy Roosevelt and dare I say it good old Abe, a Republican, who forced all those nasty Democrats to free their slaves, who fought a civil war to keep them.
Change of subject: Sorry Bill as you know I don't agree with you on Global Warming. I believe it is the biggest 'SCAM' in history. The Have Not's will continue to pay through the nose by higher prices for energy, loss of jobs and such, while the "savings" made will not contribute in any way to the SAVING of the environment. Meanwhile Have's will continue rake in the profits of this inflation in prices. This is what the Emissions Tax is all about. But until ALL the world reduces emissions (pipe dream) and it is discovered that Al Gore conned us nothing will change. HUSSAR
Sorry, when I started it was supposed to be a 'potted' history. I got carried away.

Arnie :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Re: Kipling, Europe and Brexit

Posted: Sat Dec 23, 2017 5:46 pm
by Bill Bentley
Dear Arnie,

it's always a pleasure and very informative reading your replies. I entirely agree that Clinton would have been the worse option of the two. Thanks for the history lesson, it's important to know what caused things to go the way they have gone. Even Hitler and Stalin did not just appear, circumstances demanded a radical change, they just took advantage at that moment in time, as has Trump and as somebody will, before long, again, in Europe.

Regarding climate change, again I entirely agree that people without any honour are ripping the public off with taxes and false energy saving schemes etc.. That however does not change the FACT that our climate is changing at a speed never known in the history of our planet and that our use of fossil fuels is largely responsible. We are simply releasing the contents of say: coal, which have been 'locked in, stored' for countless millions of years. If ever there was a Pandoras Box, this is it !

As I have already said somewhere, I no longer believe that we can do enough to make any difference, we are all on the same express train and the bridge over the next void is being rapidly dismantled.
I saw a report yesterday: how many hours of sunshine there were in December, last year 80, the year before 100, this year just 4 ! We have had nothing but thick cloud cover for months. It's expected to be around 10°C over xmas, we have had no snow that did not melt away within a couple of hours. This is near Berlin, where in 1996 we had -25°C for several weeks and repeated heavy snow falls that stayed for a couple of months. - 10 to -15°C would be more normal, at least for several consecutive nights; the longest night is past and so our side of the globe will now head towards summer.

I suppose that we are lucky that we are all old farts and shall never experience what we have set in motion. Like a bomber pilot that drops his load and heads off home, not knowing who will fall victim to his payload.

Like you I am an Atheist, at least a none believer in any church supported God, but I do believe in the almighty power of Mother Nature. Notwithstanding this, I wish you and all of our comrades a Merry xmas and a safe and healthy New Year.

Shit, nearly forgot, the Catalonian situation is obviously NOT over and I hear that Poland have had their right to vote in the EU Parliament suspended ... like what will happen to us Brit's during the transition period. So we old farts will still have something to pass comment on in 2018 ...

Re: Kipling, Europe and Brexit

Posted: Sun Dec 24, 2017 1:50 pm
by Arnie
Hi Bill and all,

just a very quick one. Us old farts will always have something to whinge about.

We are the lucky ones we have lived through, almost, one of the scariest ages ever, Nuclear weapons and all, and can only hope that the threat diminishes over time.

In the meantime everyone, and I do mean everyone, including HRC, has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Would print it in German but cant remember how to Froh Veinacten etc etc.,

Arnie :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Re: Kipling, Europe and Brexit

Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 11:18 pm
by allen1
Hi guys. Just a comment on B Sqn in Berlin when I was with them(59-61). We were located in Spandau Barracks next to the prison. We were equipped with MK5 Centurions. No Conquerors in my time. Most notable event was responding to a "Red Alert" on a Sunday morning, about 04:00. Ready troop formed up at the main gate awaiting our troop officer who was attending some formal ball at Brigade HQ. Said officer arrives in formal evening dress accompanied by his dance partner who is then re-located into the turret to join us for our journey to the strategic positions. Myself(gunner) and the loader gave this very attractive extra crewmember a short rundown on how to operate the ready-round bin and to set the appropriate fuses on the HE shells. Once we were in our location a 4x4 was whistled up to take our fair crewperson back to town. Just thought I'd mention it. regards to all, Scouse Jones.