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The Guidon of the 14th/20th King's Hussars
The Guidon of the 14th/20th King's Hussars

Noah's ARC is the home of all those that served in The 14th/20th King's Hussars - the finest Regiment of the British Army in which anyone would ever want to serve. The Regiment was amalgamated in 1992 with the Royal Hussars (PWO) to become one of todays Royal Armoured Corps regiments The King's Royal Hussars. But today we are proud to boast possibly the largest ex-members club of old comrades from any Regiment past or present.

Our aim is to perpetuate the memory of the 14th/20th King's Hussars and if ever you marched behind our Guidon you are most welcome to join us. If you did not, we equally welcome you in visiting us.

Our Purpose

Noah's Arc Reunion 2019 - NOT LONG NOW

The Annual Noah's Arc Reunion

The Annual Noah's Arc Reunion

Renowned as The Greatest Regimental Reunion in the World

Over 20 years our reunion has increased in attendance from a mere handful to a record of over 350.

Where else can you:
* Join all of your military friends in the same place at the same time ?
* Enjoy professional Entertainment ?
* Dine in Style at one of the UK's top hotels ?
* Listen to the Regimental Band ?
* Enjoy Blackpool's Sea Air ?

Our 24th Reunion takes place once again at The Imperial Hotel Blackpool. More details HERE.

Imperial Hotel Blackpool

2nd-5th April 2020

Tickets Online

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Reunion Tickets Online

If you're not booked in The Imperial Hotel you'll need your Entry tickets - and get your Draw Tickets in advance.
Reunion Tickets Online
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Proposed Arboretum Memorial

the National Memorial Arboretum

For many years our Members have been aware that the National Memorial Arboretum does not contain a Memorial dedicated to the 14th/20th King's Hussars. In December 2014 we saw the unveiling of our Paving Stone within Heroes' Square Heroes Square and, more recently, the dedication of the King’s Royal Hussars memorial stone.

NOW - following over two years investigation and negotiation by Committee Members Darren and Rachel we can announce that our own memorial could very soon become a reality.

The cost is significant, and we will need a great deal of effort to raise the necessary funds from events and especially from Donations.

There will be much more information soon and you can keep up to date, and take part, here:

Click Here

Proposed 1420H Memorial

The Heroes of Ramnuggar

The Heroes of Ramnuggar - see Ramnuggar today, Here

Friday 22nd November marks the 170th Anniversary of the Battle of Ramnuggar. On the 22nd November 1848 on the banks of the Chenab in the Punjab, HM 14th Light Dragoons fought a savage battle in order to force the Sikhs back across the river. Colonel William Havelock led his troops not only to the edge of the river but into it, where they became almost immobile and suffered heavy losses including the loss of Colonel Havelock.

Our regiment still 'celebrates' that battle today, so I ask all visitors to join us in a salute to -

"The Heroes of Ramnuggar"

You can join in the Toasts in our Forum from Thursday 21/11/2018: Heroes of Ramnuggar.

Or read about what Noah's Arc did for Ramnuggar: Ramnuggar

Want to know what's on?
Our Calendar

Our online Calendar has been brought up to date.
Never miss an Event again :)

You can view it here

Coming up next - The Manchester Reunion

The Manchester Reunion

Organised by Steve Hunt, The Moon Under Water is once again the place to be for this annual reunion.

Saturday 15th December, from 13:00. Casual dress, no need to book, just turn up!

The Moon Under Water     The Moon Under Water Interior
68-74 Deansgate, Manchester

Enquiries? Email Steve

Lest We Forget!

Our Poppy Pin Badge
Poppy Pin badge available from our Noah's Arc Online Shop

A reminder that this years Northern Reunion will be held on Sat 10th Nov at the Barton Grange Hotel (1900hrs), Preston, followed by a Remembrance Service on Sunday 11th at St Lawrence Church, Barton (1000hrs).

On Sunday morning the Remembrance Service will be held in the Church of St Lawrence, Barton, and we are hoping that as many Old Comrades as possible will attend to mark this 100th anniversary of the guns falling silent at the end of the Great War.
The marching party will form up in the hotel car park before marching the short distance to church. Please note that the Boars Head pub, adjacent to the church, has closed and the car park is no longer available for use. Those attending the service are asked to park in the far side of the Barton Grange car park (on the left as you enter), please do not use the car park in front of the hotel, unless you are a guest of the hotel.
At the present time there are no ashes awaiting interment to the Columbarium for this year.

Barton Grange Hotel     St Lawrence Church

Our Facebook Group

The Home of the 14th/20th King's Hussars

The Home of the 14th/20th King's Hussars

The Home of the 14th/20th King's Hussars

Our Forum is still thriving but there is a huge migration to Facebook as a Social Media exchange service. Noah's ARC have taken steps to ensure that internet safety is paramount and so our group on Facebook is a 'Closed' Group. You need to be an approved Member of our Group in order to be able to see comments.

You can apply to Join here: Click Here

Noah's ARC Reunion 2019

The Fanfare - Dinner is served

Our 23rd Reunion takes place once again at The Imperial Hotel Blackpool. More details HERE.

Imperial Hotel Blackpool
29th-31st March 2019

Keeping You Informed

Our Newsletters

Our Newsletters
We are now making the Noah's ARC Newsletters available to you online the letters are all going to be in .pdf format so you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your equipment.

Our Committee Meetings
One of the policies this committee wanted to introduce was allowing all members of Noah's ARC to read the minutes from any committee meeting we have, well we do act on your behalf. The minutes are not doctored in any way and everything said is listed on the minutes.

If you would like to read those minutes please go to the Committee Minutes page on the Noah's ARC website. this link is ONLY available on the homepage.
Since the last meeting Rachel Walker was asked to join the committee as she has done so much for us, she has agreed to do so. Welcome to the Committee Rachel.

The King's Royal Hussars Regimental Rosette

The KRH Regimental Rosette

The Regimental Rosette was instituted by Colonel David Woodd in 2012. It is intended to recognise those who support or provide a service to The King’s Royal Hussars or the Regimental Association through their individual personal endeavour or contribution.

Recent 1420H Awards

Mr Peter Farrell Association Support and Chairman, Noah's Arc
Mr Paul Baker Association Support and Chairman, Noah's Arc
Mr Bryan Lythgoe Hawk on a Walk
Mr Paul Wigmore Association Musician
Captain Bob Harrison Founder and Chairman, Noah's Arc
Lieutenant Colonel Brian Draper MBE President, Noah's Arc

We congratulate all recipients.
You can view the full list of awards here:

Hawk for a Walk

Bryan Lythgoe

In May 2016 Bryan Lythgoe carried out a sponsored walk from Fulwood Barracks in Preston (UK) to Peninsular Barracks in Winchester (UK), a distance of some 240 miles in 5 days. He was raising money in aid of
The King’s Royal Hussars Welfare Trust.

Bryan completed his 'Hawk for a Walk' on Wednesday 25th May. Although the event is complete your contiued sponsorship is appreciated and very welcome. The total currently stands at over £4500 and climbing, lets see if we can get him over the £5000.00 mark.

Hawk for a Walk     Hawk for a Walk

Read the full story here

Regimental Flag - Noah's ARC

Our Noahs Arc Flag

Our Regimental Flag is given a grand entrance at our reunions. Ever wonder where it came from?

This was something Paul Baker wanted to do for a very long time, but it had a less than ideal start to its manufacture before becoming the magnificent flag that it is today.

Noahs Arc Flag

You can read all about it here

Regimental Snare Drum Comes Home

Regimental Snare Drum Comes Home

We recently came to rediscover a snare drum that was used by the regiment. The Drum was found to be on sale in a shop in Leeds. The committee held a vote and agreed to bring the Drum back home and purchased it on behalf of Noah's ARC. The Drum was on display at the 2016 Noah's ARC annual reunion.

Regimental Snare Drum     Regimental Snare Drum

More about it here

Fight The Good Fight

Fight The Good Fight

Darren Walker's Fight with the effects of GWS

Darren did a presentation to the Royal British Legion on Saturday 19th March 2016. To view the presentation please click on the link below

See the video here

A Day to Remember

Freedom Parade, Preston, 2015

During the 2015 Freedom Parade in Preston a spontaneos rendition of 'Sussex By The Sea' by the group of 1420H lads assembled for a photograph added to the wonderful spectacle.

Sussex By The Sea
Freedom Parade 2015

You can see a fine collection of photos here:

This video courtesy of Andy Prunty: CLICK HERE [Wait for it to load]

Honorary Hawk - Thapa Nam Sing, 6th (QEO) Gurkha Rifles

Thapa Nam Sing, 6th (QEO) Gurkha Rifles

Having corresponded with Thapa for a few years (Medicina connection) I'm pleased to welcome him as a Honorary Member of the 14th/20th. An Olympic Boxer and a legend amongst the Gurkha community he is most welcome.

He says:
"My dear Mr. Robert Harrison and all members of 14th/20th King Hussars Regiment's Association, I find a great surprised once arrived from Nepal in evening on July 15, 2014, Hong Kong my wife told me there is a parcel then found the wonderful King Hussars Regimental T shirt, special badges and a token letter. I really appreciated, thanks a lot. I am very proud and very glad on wearing your famous Regimental T shirt. I am deserving your gifts with great dignity, regards and respects. Once again many thanks. It's wonderful."

Namaste and welcome, Saheb

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