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Noah's ARC Reunion 2018

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Noah's Arc Reunion
Reunion 21 - the Next Noah's ARC Reunion

19th - 21th April 2018

Annual Reunion

For the fourth consecutive year the reunion is to be
held at The Imperial Hotel, Blackpool.

The Committee of Noah's ARC are pleased to announce that for the 4th year the location for our Annual Reunion is to be the Imperial Hotel, Blackpool. The Imperial is the most imposing of all Blackpool promenade hotels, with its 160 bedrooms, function rooms for over 300 guests, and car parking for 150 cars, we can highly recommend this hotel to you.

Long used as a major conference centre by the Conservative Party, the Labour Party and Trades Unions, the hotel now prepares to host Noah's ARC! .

The Committee has had communication from the Hotel, which I should like to share with you.

1. The Hotel is installing a new Computer system for keeping up to date with all Hotel Bookings.

The System, will go 'live' on 20th May, and they have requested that any further bookings that are made for the 2018 Reunion are not made until the 1st June 2017. Members will will be able to telephone on a direct line to either Portia, Gill or Emma who will take care of your booking (Quote: Noah's ARC to ensure you are quoted the discounted rate!)

This will give them time to transfer all the pre booked accommodation into the system and confirm with you the details you left on the sheet when you booked out of the Hotel.

If you did pre book your room for next year, and have not heard from them by 1st June, CONTACT THE HOTEL!! They could have missed you off, all names should have been transferred to the new system by 1st June, if you have not heard from them, CHECK!

2. As this year the Hotel will require Payment 28 days in advance of the event. The reason for this is that last year a number of bookings were made and people failed to turn up, nor advise the Hotel that they would not be attending, this meant the hotel was unable to resell those rooms to people that otherwise wanted them, and of course, the Imperial Hotel made a loss with empty rooms that could have been filled.

3. The cost remains the same for next year as it was for 2017 which is as follows: £55 per person per night sharing a double room, (effectively £110 per double room) Single occupancy will be £80 per person per room again, the same cost as this year. Please Note these costs include EVERYTHING ! Buffet, Gala Mea, and Breakfasts.

4. As this year if you are NOT staying at the Imperial Hotel and wish to attend the Gala evening meal on Saturday, or the themed night and Buffet on Friday Night the cost remains the same, ie: £20 per person for each even, Payment to Noah's ARC please (details to follow), NOT the Hotel.

5. The discounted drinks will remain the same as this year with a 15% discount for all members of Noah's ARC.

6. Finally, I have been asked to point out that the Hotel policy on animals has changed since last year and that animals are no longer permitted to stay at the Hotel. Although the change was made last year, and some of our members had already booked, the Hotel honoured those bookings, and permitted those animals. From now on their policy is no animals will be permitted. I understand that where possible this has been made clear to pet owners already.

7. The direct line Reservation booking telephone number for Portia, Gill, or Emma FROM 1st June will be 01253754616

Planned Schedule

Thursday 19 April 2018

You are as always welcome to arrive on the Thursday.

Friday 20 April 2018


The theme TBC

T Shirts TBC


The menu for Friday night is as follows:



The bar will be open with the 15% discount agreed with the management at the Imperial Hotel.

A Tombola will be held during the evening as well as the main Draw and silent auction. Draw ticket swill be posted out to all membernearer the time.

Saturday 20th April 2018 - TBC

The Regimental Flag will once again be marched into the venue with the band playing Royal Sussex. Once in place and the formalities are concluded members are very welcome to have their pictures taken alongside the flag.

Blazers, ties and other items are available via the Noah's ARC shop


Gala Dinner Menu
Noah’s ARC Reunion – April 2018



The Regimental Band -TBC

The bar will be open with the 15% discount agreed with the management at the Imperial Hotel.

A Tombola will be held during the evening as well as the silent auction At approximately 10pm the winners of the silent auction will be announced.

Peter Farrell

email: peter-farrell@sky.com

* Attending a Function Without Accommodation at The Imperial?

A payment of £20.00 per person per function (Friday and/or Saturday) is to be made to Noah's ARC via Peter Farrell (Chairman Please contact Peter via his email address: peter-farrell@sky.com for more details. Please do NOT book via the hotel if you are not staying there.

Silent Auction / Support

The silent auction will commence from Friday morning through until Saturday at 9pm when the winners will be announced.


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